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Shanghai Green Town Huangpu Bay private house
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The visionary, masterful urban elite entrepreneur and his art-loving, urbane hostess decide to ask SHE DESIGN to build them a home with their unique DNA. The host likes reading, literature and wine tasting. He advocates nature, pays attention to details and pays attention to quality. The design starts from a pleasant chat, and every sentence and action is elegant, exquisite, full of enthusiasm and expectation. The original building has a very excellent outdoor landscape and modern architectural design techniques, transparent French Windows bring additional sunshine and warmth to the interior, but because of the shear wall structure form also makes the interior space lack a lot of flexibility. Now in this fashionable and open era, on such a large floor, we may no longer need the courtyard deep and quiet. That with what kind of techniques and elements to crack, alter the effect of the interior space is the urgent challenge to solve this case.
Therefore, in the plane composition, we reorganized the original structural space according to a series of requirements such as functional requirements, spatial dynamic lines, indoor and outdoor landscape interaction, and so on, and sorted out smooth dynamic lines and full of ritual sense, so that the living room, study, dining room to form a fine dynamic lines, space interaction and indoor and outdoor space extension and communication. At the same time of rational use of space, the perfect realization of dynamic and static partition. The flexible application of lines, surfaces and volumes creates exquisite graphic designs and spatial schemes.
The overall design for modern simplicity into the Oriental Zen, warm color, natural texture, sunlight, hanging garden, the interaction of the interior and exterior space, is our resonance with the owners. Light oak, leather, cotton, hemp, art paint and other finishes are subtle, warm and delicate. The "integrated" design of living room, study, dining room and open western kitchen, the space rhythm formed by the arrangement of lacquer and wood veneer cabinets, brings a great sense of freedom and comfort to the whole space. The large area of glass windows creates an excellent lighting environment for the whole space. When the sunlight pours into the room, the log color creates a more pleasant, relaxed and free space atmosphere under the light and shadow, while the contrast of the western kitchen white marble, let the delicacy and elegance in the space, wine tasting and scenery is undoubtedly the best choice here. The soft decoration collocation of the whole space is elegant but integrated in the quiet environment. Everything exists in the perfect balance, expecting to be used and touched. The whole space, with the attitude of art, conveys the expression of exquisite life and gives every detail of life inspiration, which is the "home" expected by the owners.

Designer: YUE MEI

After graduating from Shanghai in 2004,she worked for Li Weimin Architects, the architect of luxury interior design, with almost 18 years of design experience. I have been focusing on the design and development of top-end sustainable housing, which can create a unique emotional experience for residents in space. Although there are numerous possibilities in design, as a female designer, I integrate the independent elements of Chinese and Western culture, make the elegance and delicacy constantly run through the rich materials and unique details, and present the simple and eternal high-quality space, which is what I am best at and like. Finally, I look forward to my own design power to create a unique personalized design and customized supporting design and landing service for each customer, and bring poetry and distance to the space of "home".