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Sanya Shenya Financial Tower
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The design concept of this project is to break through the traditional marketing center model and transform it into an art experience hall. By integrating commercial formats such as coffee bars, commercial exhibitions, and art exhibitions, it aims to create an urban reception hall that meets the multiple needs of customers for visits, reception, leisure, entertainment, and more. While achieving the goal of receiving target consumers and the public, it also breaks the stereotype of customers towards sales offices and office buildings.
The interior of the space is divided into different reception areas to meet the target customer groups of different age groups, and an activity center area is set up as the activity venue for different themed salons, reserving more possibilities for future functional transformation of the space and continuing its vitality.
The main color tone of the overall space of this project is white, and the inspiration for color application is to draw a beautiful artistic conception painting using natural colors on a white canvas, adding fresh and elegant wood colors and high-end and elegant dark green.Wood color design can withstand the scrutiny of time and also create a relaxed and bright atmosphere in indoor spaces. A soft visual sensation that does not create a significant visual impact can create a soothing and warm space, conveying a lightweight spatial atmosphere. When using materials, stone is only used for the front entrance area, embellished with sparkling colors that represent water. Natural elements are integrated into the space, creating a modern and natural commercial space around water, wood, and stone.
To match the overall main color tone, the brand color of the logo, Peacock Blue, is extracted from the soft decoration aspect and distributed in the space as an embellishment color. While echoing the brand theme, Peacock Blue better represents a sense of quality and luxury. At the same time, the soft decoration part is made of warm wood paired with brass gold and marble materials, which are consistent with the overall tone of the space, creating a modern and natural commercial space.
The lobby sculpture combines the characteristics of water and wind, bringing waves into the indoor space. The same effect material is used to perfectly combine the soft decoration with the color of the hard wall. The postcard rising above the sculpture slowly rises with love and longing, turning into a paper airplane that flies to the hearts of every loved one who is missed. The waves travel through time and space with love and longing, ultimately flying towards the hearts of distant loved ones.
The integration of aesthetics and life is enough to impress visitors and resonate with them. Combining different functions, each space's corresponding design focus also has different expressions. The business atmosphere of the sand table lobby, the modern and lazy coffee bar, and the high-end and exquisite VIP room seem to have the same elements or colors connecting and echoing in each different space, which better illustrates the original idea of the design.


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