Sanya Fudi Deer Island Private Residence
Designer / Agency
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Habitat here is blessed with a tropical landscape, with mountains looking out to sea, boats moored in the sailing harbour waiting for the next voyage, sparkling waves and white sand, all the first impressions of Lucheng have become the inspiration for the design of this private house. The owner wanted to have a beast of art, both into the space theme of art aesthetics, but also the oriental feng shui ornaments to calm the house, the designer after a lot of communication to explore the final final finalised the unicorn auspicious objects. The streamlined lines of the yacht are integrated into the space, and the beige material is as clean and delicate as the sandy beach, responding to the sailing harbour on the sea. As a holiday home, the owner wants to put more social party functions into the public space. Multimedia smart screens are embedded in the wall, which can control the whole house smart home and also enliven the entertainment atmosphere during party time.

Agency:Wang Xiaofeng Studio

Wang Xiaofeng Studio was founded in Guangzhou, China, practicing the "people-oriented" design concept. Wang Xiaofeng Studio renders tailor-made integrated design services to customers through its professional design team, profound design experience and rigorous management system. Wang Xiaofeng Studio solutions also consider humanistic care and artistic aesthetics, emphasizing the multiple symbiosis between city, space and people.
Wang Xiaofeng Studio fields cover property, commercial, cultural tourism, hotels, private residence, clubhouse, etc. It has systematic design experience as well as a mature collection supply chain and provides long-term consulting services to customers' changing spaces.