SANVINGA Xiaofengtan Liquor
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Liquor, for the Chinese, more than the taste, means a kind of inheritance of the liquor culture of China. SANVINGA Xiaofengtan is a high-end Maotai-flavored liquor, specially designed for collection and gift-giving of high-end liquor customers.
Fengtan, a unique traditional Chinese liquor storage technique, symbolizes the indispensable sense of ceremony in Chinese liquor culture. Inspired by it, Xiaofengtan is derived from the ceramic liquor jar commonly used by the Chinese and has been reshaped in a simplistic style. Different to other rounded jars, it adopts a cylinder bottle shape and a groundbreaking cube outer packaging whose main color is orange. Furthermore, it, echoing its name, is a tribute to and an inheritance of Chinese liquor culture. In contrast to other homogeneous and ubiquitous bottles, its body design is more fashionable.

The bottle is designed with a lingering curvy texture with scattered golden dots, which embodies its taste akin to rugged mountains and flowing rivers and interprets the mellowness and smoothness of liquor. It is convenient for users to open the bottle because of the golden cap with vertical corrugated grooves.
There is an image of this jar on the packaging formed by golden dots echoing the shape of the bottle, which, besides providing a strong sense of integrity and association, also, in contrast to the main color—orange—that represents vitality and verve, exudes a noble air. Its compact cube packaging, made of degradable paper, not only reduces consumables and costs, but improves space utilization. Furthermore, it breaks the posh yet lackluster packaging design of traditional liquor, oozing a sense of fashion and attraction.

Agency: Chengdu Fenggu Muchuang Packaging Co., Ltd.

Fenggu Muchuang,a creative planning company integrating the service of both “brand strategy” and “packaging research”, is dedicated to forging a “domestic cultural brand” and building a “local city card”. We are committed to seeking brands’ cultural value for enterprises and creating product drivers, thus contributing to larger market penetration of products for enterprises.
Ever since our inception in 2014, we have served more than one hundred fast moving consumer goods companies including tobacco, liquor, red wine, tea, food and beverages, among which there are listed companies and nationally renowned brands, as well as many local SMEs and regional specialties. In this connection, We are highly acclaimed for our expertise and fervor and we’ve also won multiple design awards at home and abroad along the way.
Our company endeavors to discover and characterize cultural origins, therefore, to enhance our brand value. In this regard, we aim to create more domestic brands, making charm with Chinese characteristics woven into the cultural fabric by cultural recognition and visual techniques.