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Rsun The Lakefront
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Rsun The Lakefront is a private villa being surrounded by mountains and water, which is created a poetic living space away from the crowd based on local conditions. The design team, starting from mountain scenery, shadow and humanistic, is committed to giving back to the residents a sense of ritual for life, discovering the poetry of new urbanism in modernism, and creating a dialogue between shadow and the four seasons.
Light grey (wall) and burlywood (cabinet) as main tone, visually embellished with black and white generated by shadow, bring a hierarchical change on the interface of the entire space. Followed by the most authentic and pure quality, a lot of blank space is created without a profusion of ornament, making it easy for residents to make later adjustments according to their own preferences.
The dining room is the core node in the fixed line of residents, and the main axis for communicating project space and external space. Thus, the design team endows the family life mode with traditional dining room as the core with diversified styles through the interconnection of circular lines, making the entire space richer and have more possibilities, and meeting residents’ needs for pleasure and free exploration of home space.
The largest space is the hallway that includes a series of functions such as reception, working, storage and study, enhancing the sense of transparency of the entire space, while the study room is open to the outside with a subtle and natural design mechanism, giving a unique context and soul to the private home space, so that residents can experience the intermingling of space and people when reading.
With the concept of “less is more”, the design team returns purity and elegance to the bedroom space through a design without main lights and additional ornaments.
The basement with huge glass sliding door maximizes the open layout, creating a range of gathering spaces that can be opened and closed, with natural light and air flowing throughout the space for a transparent and independent natural space. The two-way staircase makes full use of the large space in the basement, making the entire basement less depressing and more atmospheric on the basis of widening residents’ scope of activity.
The boulder in the basement is the finishing touch to the entire space. The interconnection between nature and space is achieved by incorporating boulder that symbolizes nature into the space. This subtle, fully open space atmosphere provides a direct view of the living room space and breaks the limitations of space. And the design team reserves an empty glass skylight above the boulders to bring sunlight and starlight into the room. Residents can clearly feel the infinite tension of life coming from the vertical direction, enhancing the lighting and fun of space.
The multifunctional chess room is a transition space between the living room and the landscape area. The design team set up a curved floor-to-ceiling glass, which naturally formed a semi-partitioned buffer scene, with the view extending outward with the glass for a natural beauty full of vitality.

Agency: Wuxi House Aesthetics Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

House Aesthetics has been exploring for the sublime spacial structure design since its establishment. Multiple design elements, like the space layout, structure, light, color and material, are made good use of to channel different information, together with the unique aesthetic to accurately delineate each functional area. In this way, House Aesthetics creates a deep emotional connection between the living space and occupants, and redefines what makes a home. With ongoing efforts, House Aesthetics is able to turn every property into a true "home".