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Renovation Design of Chengbei Resturaut
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This interior remodelling project aimed to upgrade a restaurant in business for over two decades completely. The cultural symbol of Mount Yushan inspired the design, seamlessly incorporating the ridge contour into the city streetscape. The mountain is divided into three sections, cleverly integrated into the facades of the three stages of the restaurant's development, resulting in a cohesive look that creates a unique brand identity.
The design team took steps to improve the lighting and space in the restaurant's private rooms. They replaced several walls with translucent glass to allow more light through and create a layered effect. Additionally, they transformed the corridor into a series of differently-sized aisles, each with its own scene. From "Entering the Mansion" to "Exploring the Garden" to "Elegant Rhythm," the scenes progress and cleverly interlace landscape nodes to create a more engaging spatial experience.
To accommodate the client's request for a spacious ballroom, the design team selected four central pillars in the irregular hall and turned them into luminous elements. This created a new centre of the space while also enhancing the sense of symmetry. The dark-coloured arched tops of the pillars also added to the visual effect of the design.
By conducting extensive research on consumer needs and emphasizing the brand's values, the design team implemented innovative solutions that met the owner's requirements while retaining past styles and integrating cultural elements.

Agency:MEE Studio

MEE Studio, a research-oriented design institution specializing in indoor and outdoor space design, is committed to solving design problems in commercial operation and cultural life with professional pre-planning consultation and special design capabilities such as architectural landscape visual communication and soft art installation.