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The retro aesthetics that travel through time and space transform your home into a cinematic work of art. The bold and fantastic color scheme turns every detail into a unique canvas. We challenged the traditional interior layout and used deconstruction to create a space full of surprises.
This is a space created for freedom, which carries the beauty of living alone. Through rearrangement, the design of the horizontal hall makes the space more spacious and transparent. A large number of contrasting color designs, combined with elements of butterflies and curves, make the entire space full of romance and enthusiasm, as if you are in an intoxicating and dreamy world.
This is a home tailor-made for fashion bloggers. Whether it is work needs or life needs, it has been perfectly met. The blend of literary retro and avant-garde trends creates a unique and interesting design language. The combination of retro and cyberspace adds a lot to this design style, giving the entire space a vibrant and futuristic atmosphere. This is not only a residence, but also a life experience full of art and creativity. Let us start this romantic journey of retro and cyberspace together.

Agency: DreamHouse Design Studio

LiXiangJia is an independent design firm. "LiXiang" is a verb, meaning to enjoy oneself in a space; simultaneously, it is also a noun, representing an ideal life. This was the original intention behind establishing the design firm: to create designs that defy definition and contribute to a more individually oriented lifestyle. The founders of the firm consist of two mature designers—one specializing in interior space design (indoor), and the other in garden landscape design (outdoor). They provide limited designs including soft furnishing and art design, furniture product design, and more, aiming to serve every LiXiangJia, making their lives uniquely independent.