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The designer integrates the natural ingenuity into the space, pursues the interaction between the artistic atmosphere, the change of light and shadow and the indoor and outdoor landscape, and creates a space with distinct personality. In a moment, harvest a room years quiet good.
Heavenly light poetic construction
The delicate curve of the reception room on the ground floor sets up the stage of life. The elliptical sky light opens a gap, and the ingenious placement of the lamp film conveys its original intention to the outside world.
The sofa group is surrounded by the floor in a surround style, like the environmental protection of parents, caring for the home, the warmth of the sun is sprinkled in it, and it becomes the harbor of the soul.
Light pours into the cream sofas, coating the interior with a gentle filter. The interior frame is matched with the striped carpet, dancing with the space structure, and the curved shape weakens the rough and hard impact.
The warm visual experience like the "fire", between the square inch, touches the deep feelings of the heart, the gray blue renders the quiet simple beauty, calm and peaceful.
Color and light and shadow gently crisscrossing, brush away the impetuous noise, wake up the inner quiet, let the free poetic expression.
The study room and the living room are divided into two parts by the suspended wall, which are independent of each other and have emotional communication and interaction with each other.
Noble and elegant material atmosphere, let the soul return to the comfortable temperature. As far as the eye can reach, the heart can reach, cut the complicated and simple, and use modern techniques to translate to show the quiet physical and mental home.
Drinking tea and drinking life, the red embellished water bar, highlighting the sense of hierarchy, both elegant artistic style, and modern exquisite ceremony. Charming lights, just the right decoration will be the human flavor into the space.
Like a story of progressive dreams
From the decorative shop to unfold the scene narrative, the moon leaning against the stairs, like a dream. In the intersection of black and white, it gradually awakens the conscious senses. Aesthetic and dynamic fashion coexist. Infinite reverie inspired by this, where the story extends.
The moon installation sphere, reflected by the water grain stainless steel and mirror, is viewed from different angles and has different shapes.
Warm soft space temperature


Founder and Design Director of SY·D Corner Design, China Interior Decoration Association (CIDA) member 'Senior designer, Honorary awards: China Building Decoration Association 16th Huading Award Top 100 New National Award, Gold Medal in the Residential Space category of the 2019-2020 International Environmental Art Innovative Design Competition, The 16th China Shanghai Architectural Decoration Design Competition "Shang Award", Excellent Design Award of Home Humanities category in the 4th International Space Aesthetic Design Competition.