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The whole image wall creates a practical aesthetics of storage. The upward stretched lines interlace with the long corridor, and the visual interfaces interweave with each other, thus slowing down the time. The light of warm tone plays in the corridor end of the end of the scene, faintly revealing a secret corner, inviting deep.
In this living room, which is almost surrounded by large floor-to-ceiling Windows, there are no partitions that obstruct the view, leaving the ultimate degree of freedom and variability in the space entirely to the designer and the resident.
While THE SPACE DISPLAY ECHOES THE theme, the SIMPLE sense of elegance, delicacy, fashion is combined with color, texture and material cleverly presented in the bedroom, showing a delicate and elegant life attitude, giving a person with SEdate and young vitality.
Stylist undertook comprehensive change to sitting ROOM modelling. All the beautiful flowers showed their warmest attitude. The Bubble sofa, inspired by the fluffy clouds, is a perfect balance between color, texture and fashion.

Agency: CHEN Design

CHEN Design is committed to high-end private house soft decoration project design, contemporary and retro, architecture and nature, rational and emotional combination, with rich experience to integrate different cultural elements, to present a diverse art space, let people find it refreshing.