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The entire unit is quite square, changing the layout of the original living room, dining room, and kitchen, achieving an open LDK integrated design. The introduction of light makes the entire space transparent from north to south, without any obstacles. It also extensively uses fishbone tiling to narrate, and with the interpretation and adjustment of cream color, it is fresh and clear. A practical landscape entrance is set up at the entrance, which also takes into account the storage space, and uses circular arcs to slowly transition, weakening sharp edges and corners, and easing the abrupt right angles. The fully open kitchen has become a new social center for families The guest restaurant uses a large number of log elements, and the south facing side is all made of floor to ceiling large glass, The design of the entire house without main lights makes the space lightweight and transparent, This is both a cloakroom and a piano room, so when designing a multifunctional room like this, try to leave it blank as much as possible.

Designer:Chao Yin

Design Director of Zhejiang Jiaxing Boyi Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (2010 present)