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Puyuehui Cultural and Art Restaurant
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Project Name: Puyuehui Cultural and Art Restaurant
Location: Rui’an, China
Design Company: Suzhou Benpu Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
Chief Designer: Tang
Zhongzheng, Tang Chengqing, Zheng Duyang
Assistant Designer: Cheng Hailin, Xu Shenqi, Zhang Sen
Area: 1120.8 square meters
Cost: 10 million
Design Cycle: May 2022-February 2023
Completion time: June 2023
Main Materials: natural stone, wood veneer, artistic glass, metal, leather, wallpaper, etc
Client Name: Ruili Group China
Photographer: Jinji Pictographer Graphic Design Studio
The designer of this case pursues the restaurant to present unique Chinese cultural symbols, create a benchmark impression of local art restaurant culture, explore the luxurious connotation of Eastern aesthetics, express the charm of mountains, seas, and stars in the space, and perfectly create a luxurious dining experience of Eastern culture.
Puyuehui Cultural and Art Restaurant is located in Rui'an, Wenzhou, with a thousand year old heritage. It is known as the "Land of Neo Confucianism" and the "Southeast Little Zou Lu". Ancient and modern aesthetics blend and innovate here, inheriting the history and spirit of a city with a diverse, inclusive, and beautiful appearance; As a benchmark for high-end luxury restaurants of Ruili Group, it is located on the top floor of Wenzhou Ruili Binhai Hotel in Ruian Binhai New City, with a 99 meter high aerial cultural and artistic restaurant.
The overall design theme of the restaurant is "Mountain and Sea Painting Scroll, Book Fragrance Rui'an", which abstractly interprets the highly representative cultural elements of "movable type printing" in the space, echoing the artistic chandelier in the shape of a book, creating a literary and picturesque atmosphere space; The exquisite and transparent silk screen combines traditional craftsmanship with modern craftsmanship to create a beautiful and exquisite appearance.
The design of the elevator hall and reception area utilizes local architectural characteristics and structural symbols, combined with modern craftsmanship and point art lighting fixtures, to create a dreamy space atmosphere. The walls use the texture of local natural mountains, seas, and stones to shape and express the power and grandeur of the space.
Wang Guowei said, "All language of scenery is language of emotion." Emotion and scenery are interrelated and complementary. The design of the restaurant corridor focuses on scene creation. In order to express the beautiful scenery of the local mountains and seas, as well as the magnificent undulating mountains, the designer combined it with the famous ancient Chinese painting "Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains". Through simple and atmospheric design techniques, and the clever creation of micro landscapes on the ground, a virtual and real landscape painting that blends emotions and scenery was presented; Make the entire space dynamic and textured, allowing people to blend in with the scenery, emotions, and scenery.
The design of the private rooms in the eight restaurants is different, but they share the same spirit and culture. The designers interpret traditional Chinese elements in a creative way. The preparation table combines Chinese food box elements with lighting design, echoing the artistic glass screen of traditional Chinese patterns, giving the space exquisite and unparalleled beauty; The modern art form of wooden movable type printing combined with traditional Chinese red and green tones creates an elegant and unique space, creating a relaxed and enjoyable dining atmosphere for guests. The overall layout of the restaurant's private rooms is dense and orderly, expressing the etiquette of Chinese cultural hospitality; Rich artistic partitions enhance the inclusiveness and mystery of the restaurant; The use of simple materials emphasizes the meticulous carving of patterns, showcasing the dignified elegance and low-key luxury of cultural and artistic restaurants.

Designer:Zhongzheng Tang