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This illustration themed “the rebirth of all”, which is inspired by the creation of the human race by Prometheus, one of the most intelligent gods in Greek mythology, depicts the harmony between humans and all creatures in nature with the fantastic hand-painted style.
The illustration, featuring Prometheus and related animals, symbolizes the harmonious co-existence among humans, flora and fauna, and the wider nature, with the wings echoing the theme "the rebirth of all". The monochrome lines convey the mystical quality of myths. The light and shadow effect these lines created gives the work clearer layers and shades, enabling the visual spacing of elements to align more with modern aesthetics.
Prometheus rethinks the relationships between man and nature and among people from a modern perspective and incorporates the brand's logo and its visual identity symbols. This design coincides with the brand's "the rebirth of all" concept.

Agency: Ant House (Shanghai) Health Technology Co., Ltd.

Prometheus is a super trendy brand of personal beauty care. It was born in Tokyo, Japan by uniting over ten technical elites of the optoelectronics industry from Japan, America, France, China, etc and going through the lifelong clinical practice of ten global influential presidents of plastic surgery.
Prometheus is anything but mediocre. What flows in our blood and genes is the creative and sharp soul from the world of darkness. We attempt to reconstruct under the law of gravity, enjoy the rebirth and evolution of technologies peacefully in a surge of inspiration and change the world in company with you.