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The architectural lighting design scheme of Poly Plaza aims to create a unique and eye-catching lighting experience that not only gives vitality and charm to the building at night but also enhances the overall environment and atmosphere of the square. Our main goal is to use lighting design to highlight the architectural features and beauty of Poly Plaza while creating an attractive and eye-catching nighttime landscape. Through lighting design, we hope to enhance the appeal of the square and make it an integral part of the surrounding area. Focus. The project design will use LED lamps combined with traditional light sources to achieve soft and uniform lighting effects. We will pay special attention to the selection of light fixtures to ensure they are in harmony with the design style of the building. In addition, we will make use of color rendering and dynamic effects to increase the variety and appeal of the lighting.
For the building facade, we use continuous LED linear light strips to illuminate the building's facade. This design will highlight the lines and geometry of the building and give it a unique visual effect at night. Additionally, we will use point lights to highlight certain elements of the building, such as windows or trim. For the top of the building, we recommend using high-intensity LED floodlights to illuminate the entire building at night. This design will make Poly Plaza unique in the city's night sky.
To increase the variety and appeal of the lighting, we will also use programmed LED fixtures to create dynamic effects. For example, we can implement color transformations, gradient effects, or pattern animations to make Poly Plaza more lively at night. The design plan will follow the principles of environmental protection and sustainability. We will choose low-energy LED lamps, which will reduce carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption, ensuring that all lamps comply with relevant environmental standards and quality requirements.

Agency: Guangzhou Drean Construction Engineering Design Co., LTD.

Guangzhou Drean Construction Engineering Design Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Guangzhou and is a national high-tech lighting creative design enterprise. It holds specialized Grade B qualifications in lighting engineering design and is also a vice president unit of the Guangzhou Lighting Design Industry Association. Additionally, it is a director unit of the Guangdong Engineering Survey and Design Industry Association, Guangzhou Yangcheng Design Alliance, and participated in the drafting of the "Hard Technology Index System for Technology-Based Enterprises" in the Greater Bay Area. It is a member of the Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD).
Zhuying is dedicated to providing comprehensive lighting design services, focusing on visual and light environment creative value-added services. It integrates multiple professional elements such as "lighting technology, stage art performance, and full-chain design," and has projects in the Pearl River Delta and various regions across the country.
The company is committed to services such as tourism night tour planning, commercial real estate lighting design, interior lighting design, science and technology lighting creativity, lighting engineering design consultation, and stage art performance. By creating its own IP brand "Gandora" for light and shadow art to extend more possibilities, collaborating with domestic and foreign artistic masters, the company continuously provides high-quality design and planning services to its clients. Many of its projects have received international and domestic design awards. At present, Zhuying has established subsidiaries including Zhuying Design, Zhuying Culture, Zhuying Technology, and Zhuying Bamboo Shadow, providing clients with comprehensive lighting design and planning services with a more comprehensive design and professional image.