PLEASANT MANSION Demonstration Area
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Project Name: PLEASANT MANSION Demonstration Area
Location: Xi'an, China
Design Company: Huaxi Design
Chief Designer: Yong Cheng, Bingzhu Deng, Fake Shi
Assistant Designer: Bo Wang, Lei Qu, Min Fan, Zhitao Lu, Lingfei Kong, Jiangjiang Zhang
Landscape Design Company:Shanghai Shuishi Construction Planning Design Co.,Ltd.
Area: 1800㎡
Design Cycle: February 2020-May 2020
Completion time: August 2020
Main Materials: Brushed Water Curtain, Ocean Heart Marble, Danube Tile, Matte Aluminum Veneer, Black Axe Chiseled Granite
Client Name: Xi'an Zhuhong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Photographer: Trimont Image
“The achievement of Pleasant Mansion witnessed a dialogue between modern architecture and oriental traditional culture.” As we all know, Xi'an is a world-famous ancient city with thousands of years. She has a long history, beautiful natural scenery, and advanced level of science and education. There are more possibilities to build modern buildings in such a traditional city. On the basis of international vision and technology, architects use the unique language of modern architecture to structure and shape the oriental traditional culture, to explore contemporary oriental aesthetics in architecture and further integrate the building into the cultural temperament of Xi'an. Therefore, in the process of architectural design, architects follow the principles of "form composition" and "application of traditional symbols" to endow the building with a calm atmosphere, solemn and elegant, and full of traditional flavor.
Ingenious carving, depicting the artistic conception of “one flower one world”. As a site limited by the space interface, architects fully analyze the surrounding environment, and use creative skills to expand the sense of space of sight, enrich the landscape effect of the site, and relieve the limited space. The design of the demonstration area adopts the concept of "adapting measures to local conditions", fully taps the site resources, renovates and upgrades the original buildings, and integrates into the cultural temperament of Xi'an.
What is even more wonderful is that the project creatively extracted and designed the concept of "Xianjing Fangyan" from the ancient capital culture of Xi'an, and imagined it as a cloister garden with an oriental minimalist style space. Xi'an's traditional introverted garden is abstracted into a combination of horizontal and vertical staggered surfaces, creating a poetic and painting artistic conception of "the forest is more peaceful while cicadas are chirping, the mountain is more secluded while the birds are singing".
“Fangyan” –The West Elevation Display Interface
Among the square rocks, pine branches are looming, and the light and shadow are mottled. The 70-meter extension interface sets the tone of the project's calm and atmosphere, which stands out in the surrounding buildings with mixed styles and has a unique temperament.
Water Curtain – The Entrance Atmosphere Creation
As part of the main interface wall, the light and shadow water curtain not only echoes the transparent shell of the building, but also ensures the transparency of the space, to create an entrance atmosphere.
“Xianjing” – The Atrium Water Court Space
The exhibition area is conceived as a cloister garden, and the traditional inward enclosed garden is abstracted into a modern sheet-like combination of horizontal and vertical interlacing in the project. The exhibition area is envisaged as a cloister garden. The traditional inward-enclosed garden is abstracted into a modern sheet-like combination of horizontal and vertical interlacing. The reflection of the building in the water courtyard space in the atrium is like a fairyland.
Corridor - One-armed column-free space
Limited by the narrow space of the site, the falling columns of the cloister have serious spatial purity. After several adjustments of the structural scheme, the column-free space of the one-armed cloister was finally completed.
Stone Waterfall - Material selection and setting
The axe-faced landscape wall naturally forms a static "stone waterfall" effect, which strongly echoes the ground waterscape, and the fog forest runs through the middle to create an artistic conception.

Designer: Yong Cheng

Agency: Huaxi Design