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PICO SI 2.0, with The New World as its design theme, connects people with the world of unlimited possibilities and makes ideal life come true. Take "breakthrough, imagination, technology and friendship" as the design keywords. PICO SI 2.0 breaks the boundary between the real world and the virtual world, creates a more imaginative and scientific space for consumers, and allows consumers to "explore unlimited possibilities" in the space.
We are committed to creating a space where consumers in the store can feel that they have a sense of technology and a sense of the future, without a sense of distance and bondage. The overall space uses a lot of white as the main visual tone on the wall and ceiling, just like a painting. We use a large area of blank space to let consumers who enter the space have more "imagination" space in vision. It is free, open, not bound by physical space, and can "break through".
The gray ground makes the whole space more complete and the center of gravity more stable. It is like the base of a painting to set off the whole space.
All furnitures are decorated with aluminum oxide plates, and the solid wood veneer is used on the surface of table, which achieves the perfect balance of technology and warmth both visually and tactically.
The lighting of the space is hierarchical, and the key lighting and environmental lighting are divided reasonably to create warmth and comfort while highlighting the products to give customers the best experience. The overall lighting is mainly point light source, supplemented by surface light source, and the ceiling is kept as simple as possible.
The central area "PICO Hub" is an open, inclusive and community-based space. It is a place to connect people, people and environment, people and culture. PICO Hub is a place to connect consumers and NPCs, consumers and consumers, attracting a large number of "young" generation who have no restrictions and dare to taste new things. They experience VR and share experiences here.
The round soft film lamp echoes with the ground luminous round light belt, symbolizing the entrance boundary between VR virtual space and the real world. It is also the stage element of the Hub, and reflects the good integration of the store and brand symbols.
The round light film on the ceiling is a skylight connected with the VR virtual world, which brings consumers a vision of the future and a more imaginative space;
Consumers can get an immersive feeling when they have a deep MRC experience. The big screen externalizes the immersive experience. The onlookers can sit on both sides and watch through the big screen to perceive the state of the VR world.

Agency: Shenzhen Scene Aesthetic Design Co., Ltd

CM Design is the first domestic brand SI and experience POSM design company. Guiding by positioning theory and aiming at "Aesthetic design and Scene creation", CM design subverts the traditional SI design concept and mode, and creates a new age of "scene aesthetic design" and "branding experiential marketing".
CM Design is based on the trend of taking consumers as the core in the new-retail generation, taking strategy as the guide, design as the means, scene as the carrier, experience as the core to reconstruct the new logic and new battle method of people, goods and field, and create the main off-line battle field of the brand.