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The whole space is created an elegant and steady life style, added some bright colors and interesting points to break the order melody of the space, declares the language of personality to life, and makes the residence bid farewell to the ordinary monotony of the past. From the perspective of "life" with the most comfortable state to convey the story of space. In the place where we live, guarding the time, hiding in the society, placing an impetuous and tired heart, it has stunned and gentled the times.

Designer: Kangming Chen

Founder of Minggu design studio
Yi cheng yi xian Co founder
Gong he she Co founder of Changchun subsidiary
Deputy director of Jilin young designers Committee
The 7th French double faced God "gpdp Award" International Design Award Internation-al Innovative Design Award for home and residential space 2020 habitat Chinese design elite
Silver Award of the 8th French double faced God "gpdp Award" International Design Award
Asia Pacific Interior Design Senior Designer
Muse Design Award gold prize
Nomination for the 8th nesting Award
Kingdee award Design Competition gold prize
Kingdee award Design Competition Diamond Award
Huading Award Villa space gold prize
in-home award Top ten residential space designers in China
in-home award China Baijie living space designer
40 UNDER 40 China (Jilin) design outstanding youth
40 UNDER 40 China (provinces and regions) has been on the list for three consecutive years
2020 habitat China design elite
2021 best residential space design award for new generation of old house
The 19th International Design Media Award annual New Designer Award
Gold medal of the 2021 Zhuding Award International Space Design Competition
2021 won the British opal London outstanding real estate Award - Platinum