Office space, a new business card
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Office space, a new business card
Project name | wynn hot springs, project location | | China Nanjing soft outfit design ten design, hard design | ten design, project area | 12000 ㎡ design time | February 2022 main material | wei gold blasting stainless steel art coating, art glass aluminum plate cement hollow brick wood panel
"Flying mirror under the moon, the cloud builds the sea building", since ancient times, people have been full of infinite curiosity and reverie about the vast universe, the significance of exploring the universe, is a new journey of human beings, but also to give people the infinite yearning for the unknown.
Designer Yang Qian jumps out of the traditional conventional thinking and becomes a "space director". With the power and attitude of "doing my best to reach the sky", she creates a futuristic and science fiction leisure and entertainment space, presenting an immersive space experience journey.
Yang Qian's space script is a dialogue between spirit and space. Staying in the world for a long time, full of curiosity and yearning for the "third space". In such a beautiful space, a space rabbit opened its space adventure, realizing the aesthetic collision between the universe and the individual.


When first entering the lobby, it is like entering the entrance to the universe. The space under the holographic projection is more full of infinite imagination and creativity. In a unique narrative way, from a new field, from hearing to touch, the designer constructed a "third space" that touched the body and mind, prompting the visitors to have a wonderful immersive experience.
Meteorite art installations become the visual center of space, creating a momentum of space, thus making space "activated". Space brings people together, gathering new energy, flowing, moving.
Here, the space rabbit opens the space wandering mode, roaming in every space.


The design of men's bath space blurs the boundary between architecture and natural space, and the large installation serves as a bridge to connect the link between art and architecture. The sky is round and the place, light and people flow freely in the "dial" of space, and people stretch harmoniously in space.
I do not know is the space rabbit visit, or the foil of light and shadow, the female bath space is more charming and shy and moving. Rose red background is thorough without scale, bright under the foil and delicate of light. The neutral gray that cement hollow brick itself has and texture, separated and constantly, if hidden if visible, with the halo of artistic beauty.
Meteor cuts across the sky, spectacular and shining, the beautiful moment is vividly captured by the designer, cut, polished, stitched into a mirror, continue to shine. Ripple stainless steel is like the Milky Way in the sky, with starlight, and light impacting the visual cells in the latent consciousness.
A whole new definition of a slow life
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Art gallery bath experience
Under the planet carries multi-dimensional human stories, and the precipitation of the current state is related to the thinking of the future way of life. With the alternating color change of light, metal and color, in the space enclosed by wood veneer, and feel the delicious food together with family and friends, the shaking of the red wine glass... to degrade the sour, sweet, bitter and hot of life here, immersed in this. Space rabbit smell incense, overlooking the human fireworks.
The flying saucer moves and jumps in space in the way of space and temporal coordinate points. It is a kind of "flying beyond space", which runs through each field, collecting and transmitting magnetic field information.
The game room
In the virtual world, people can unload the armor in the real world and pursue the stars in the universe, no matter how far the distant dream, it will become within reach.
Film and television hall
The light matrix is like a time tunnel, pouring out, at the end of the light design, is waiting for visitors, leading to a new chapter in the future.


This is a theater, every visitor is the leading role, and all emotions and joy can be released here. It can not only give a alone stage, but also carry the carnival of a group of people, designer Yang Ying said.
Leisure book bar
The space rabbit accompanied the small planet to the reading area of the book bar, which is enough to make visitors feel the shadow of art. Under the broad map of light, the grid bookshelf presents a beautiful visual space. In the spirit of the Internet, visitors are reading, communication, or inspiration, or after brainstorming, great ideas may have a prototype here.
If we keep moving on the Mobius ring, will we encounter our unknown ourselves?
There is more than one way to the book bar, and so is life. Throw away the troubles and the pressure of life, escape the hustle and bustle of the world, and explore the peace outside the city. Here, it links the present reality and the unknown future, and creates the future-type multi-dimensional perceptual experience in the space-time dialogue.
Sweat steaming rest area
The geometric language related to arc, circle and spheres runs through the structure and interface of space, echoing the running trajectory of interstellar stars. Each aperture is like an energy field, giving people infinite reverie. Three sweat steam rest area scattered suspended, the designer made it into the appearance of a small house, give the sense of home.
Water bar area
The designer extracts geometric circles and lets a series of "cosmic elements" extend and flow to the water bar area. The bubble blown by the little boy becomes a dream planet, shuttling through time and space, where free dialogue and endless imagination can unfold, the future and the present collide here, and the heart and space resonate.
The bubbles blown by the little boy float to the corridor, and the scene of time travel is the continuation of spiritual expression, which is a deeper space, pointing to the vast stars. In this regard, people can temporarily withdraw from the real world, forget the noise, only to the future.
This is a paradise for the decompression energy field and full relaxation.
Social entertainment, humanities and arts, parent-child interaction, audio-visual, foot bath leisure... life should be beautiful, the combination of multiple formats, multi-dimensional immersive experience atmosphere, boundless entertainment scene, designers with unique design techniques, appropriate integration.
Today's young people have long been bound by the fast-paced life, infinite yearning for the slow life and infinite expectation for the unknown future, which are all the expressions of the "third space" of the space rabbit wandering, with immersive space, to release their own personal perception and experience.


TEN ROOMS DESIGN is jointly founded in 2021 by new designers Yang Ying and Yang Qian. It is a professional space studio integrating design, soft decoration and construction, based in Shenyang. With an experienced professional design team, focus on design as a space to give all value.
Committed to provide high quality space design, mining and space, diversity, innovative, international attitude, high quality design, high specifications of process standards, strict construction management, perfect landing system, become a hotel, spa, club in the field of space design planner, the pioneers of trendy leisure space.
The design of the ten rooms not only presents a unique design, but also a comprehensive and customized consideration of the brand, crowd, positioning and other needs. The project works spread all over the country, and maintains a stable cooperation strategy with partners, won support and trust, and won many awards and authoritative recognition.