Northwest Lake NO1 H Dwelling
Designer / Agency
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The project is located in the downtown area of the city's main urban area, and the residents require quiet, simple and luxurious. Finding the right balance between noise and quiet, simplicity and luxury is key. The designers wanted to create not just a house, but a multi-functional space with an artistic atmosphere. In order to meet the requirements of the owner, the designer tries to maintain unity in the collocation, the space shape is simple, the material is not stacked. Through the combination of material and color, color and soft decoration, we can find integration and correlation to achieve demand and balance. The other space is more textured, providing a more refined experience for the residents.

Agency:Wuhan Dean design decoration engineering Co., LTD

Wuhan Dean design decoration engineering Co., LTD A design service provider committed to providing a high level of presentation for projects, a creative agency co-founded by designers/engineers with a common goal.