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This project is a 120 square meter flat floor plan located in the Shunyi District of Beijing. The original house type is a four-room house type, and combined with the owner's demand for solo use, the house type was changed to a more suitable structure for solo living. The original space was utilized to create exclusive functional attributes. On the basis of retaining the original main functional space, the location and area of the kitchen was optimized, and a special laundry room was added. At the same time, the overall tone of the space is maintained in a clean and minimalist style, with appropriate stylized (highly textured) furnishings. The reorganization of the floor plan structure was used to harmonize and unify the space.
The layout of the living room is rearranged to make the space more flexible by utilizing the white space around the wall instead of the traditional wall for the sofa wall and TV wall. The study is directly opposite the master bedroom, and the European-style door of the master bedroom and the minimalist ghost door of the study form a sharp contrast. In the center of the living room, the hyperbolic ceiling structure conceals a lifting projection screen, which meets the demand for functionality while ensuring the overall cleanliness and neatness.


T.R.I.O. SPACE DESIGN STUDIOfounded in 2020, is a young interior design organization that pays attention to design expression. Committed to the overall design of residential space, commercial space and office space.
win a prize:IAI Global Design Award, TINTA Jindi Award, IDPA Japan International Pioneer Award and CIDF Top Ten Most Original Designers.