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NEWFORM Shanghai Red Star Macalline Jinbei Road store
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Italy's top bathroom brand, with the "sanitary industry Maserati" said. The project is its second direct-operated experience store in China and another innovative attempt to design a new retail experience store in the category of traditional building materials.
Inheritance and Renewal
History, humanity, nature are the threads running through the entire branding space design. The "Power of Nature" entrance theme installation is the "materialization" carrier of philosophical thinking.
The overall layout draws on the architectural form of the arched verandah of traditional Italian architecture to create a more wonderful design in a limited space. The use of optical illusion to expand the limited space makes the closed space of the traditional "shop" become the open space of the "square", which enhances the artistic scene appeal of the product and attracts more viewers to stop and "visit", thus generating resonance with the brand.
Moving line design adopts the so-called "Oriental Venice" -- China Suzhou garden style "step by step" forced moving line way, from the space rhythm, light and dark changes, a tiny bit to drive the viewer's mood, with the artistic scene of the product continuously stimulating people's desire for "exploration".
The core experience area is the "climax" area of the whole space design, which can allow customers to experience the immersion of the rainforest bathing experience, but also bring high-end customers the ultimate exclusive experience of beach spa bathing.
The V.I.P. area focuses on the design of top-end customized solutions and product services, and offers more possibilities for the customer's needs in a relatively private space with a sense of discord.
The entire experience store not only allows customers to touch and feel products at zero distance, enhancing the interactive experience, but also has the spatial requirements for online live interaction and product knowledge sharing, giving additional functional possibilities and practical value online and offline.

Designer: Justin

A leading figure in international luxury real estate design in China. Years of cross-field design experience, he has won numerous well-known awards at home and abroad, including the Golden Bund Award of American Interior Design Magazine, the Best Home System Integration Award in the United States, the Italian A'DESIGN Award, the IAI Asia-Pacific Interior Design Competition, the Idea-Tops Award, the 40UNDER40 China Design Outstanding Youth Award, the China Building Decoration Association Award, etc., and cross-border cooperation with world-famous luxury brands such as FENDI, maintaining a good reputation and high reputation in the circle of first-line real estate enterprises and top private customers.