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The city is a system of intertwined networks within a limited area, meticulously interlocking and overlapping and dispersed. As history advances and cities expand, the form of architecture is changing. Early architecture served religion, power and wealth, and elites. Today the form of architecture and the objects it serves are changing, more diversified, subdivided, with the gradually-blurring functional boundaries, and the constantly-changing subjects of application.
Yellow is the mid-frequency part of the visible part of electromagnetic waves, and what lies beneath the large yellow color gamut is a continuous humanistic exploration of "life and growth". The "social family unit composition" is explored in the color counterpoint.
The wall installation at the entrance is adapted from the "I" character of NEOBIO's English LOGO, which is a juvenile tree modeled, indicating the information and order of growth.
The 7-meter high pacifier symbol centered on the front of the building alludes to the spatial core of the growth of juvenile form. The semi-circular arc of the entrance and the reverse semi-circular arc above form a strong upward growth trend in terms of visual dynamics, collaboratively opening up an entrance to the free kingdom for children in the city.
The outdoor extension space is a set of installations, and this set of cellular water droplets foreboding the cellular reproduction, duplication and division of the vitality of life, represents the beginning of renewal and change - the cellular mimicry of growth, change and division echoes the architecture mutually.

Designer: Wenqiang Li