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Nanjing Yangzi River International Conference Center
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Yangzi River International Conference Center is located in the core area of Jiangbei New District, Nanjing. It is a design consortium formed by Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and American Morphosis Architects. The overall design is inspired by the "waves upon waves" in the famous painting "Twelve Volumes of Water Picture" by Ma Yuan, a master painter in the Southern Song Dynasty. Then extracts the interior design concept of "Wenhua · Splendid Embroidery", and takes "Ningcai Feiyang" as the art product theme.
The meeting hall of the Yangzi River International Conference Center is based on traditional Chinese scroll landscape paintings. Narrate things with grand scenes, wide vision, and deep space. At the same time, it uses perspective science and color science in Western-style painting to show the modern artistic atmosphere of combining Chinese and Western styles. The scroll landscape painting is 18 meters wide and 5 meters high. It is the largest Suzhou embroidery in the world today.
"Ten Thousand Miles of the Yangtze River" shows us the history and reality of the Yangtze River in the new era in the form of a breathtaking and magnificent panoramic scroll painting. The oil painting "Yuejiang Range Rover" presents the romantic and poetic scenery of the Yuejiang Tower on the banks of the Yangtze River in Nanjing, the ancient capital, with bright and loud colors and lyrical and freehand modern oil painting expression techniques. The main purple-gold peak in the middle of the ink painting of "Zhong Fu Range Rover" stands tall, and a trace of the silver waterfall flows straight down, which fully reflects the historical heritage and profound temperament of the "coiling dragon and crouching tiger". "Rivers and mountains are beautiful" Cloud Brocade Works is modeled on the high mountain seclusion picture, adding Nanjing elements (Yuejiang Tower and Plum Blossoms), and is currently the largest handmade cloud brocade in the world. The woodcarving work of "Southern Metropolis Grand View" combines Qiu Ying's "Fantastic Drawings of the Southern Capital" of the Ming Dynasty with the “nautical map of the Maritime Silk Road”. Nearly 700 characters are distributed in life scenes with different and lifelike postures. Ships of all sizes set sail on the majestic ocean. "Three Mountains and Five Gardens" is a masterpiece of royal gardens in the Qing Dynasty, and is known as "the earliest window for understanding Chinese gardening art in the world". The Yangtze River Bridge is the landmark building of Nanjing, the cultural symbol of Jiangsu, and the glory of China. It is listed as the forty-eight scenes of the new Jinling. "Phoenix stage Phoenix tour, Phoenix away River artesian" takes the meaning of the Phoenix Terrace in Li Bai's "Climbing Jinling's Phoenix Terrace", and uses a hundred birds to form a phoenix shape, implying that a hundred birds will come to the phoenix and all nations will come to court. The metal sculpture "High Spirits" uses landscapes, pandas, and plum blossoms in Nanjing to express the spiritual imagery of traditional Chinese culture.
The installation of the hotel's login hall is made of tens of thousands of stainless steel wires arranged in rhythm. The surface is plated with titanium gold, implying the brilliance of the silk road. The ATMD damper on the F32 floor is a special setting for the main high-rise steel structure of the hotel. Using Wanli Yang's poems in the Song Dynasty to create text carvings in the form of seal script, echoing the modernity and technological nature of ATMD technology, presenting the artistic effect of interweaving traditional cultural symbols and modern technology.

Designer: Michael

Social Position:
Vice President of the Soft Decoration Branch of the China Decoration Association
Personal Profile:
Graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts
China's top ten star designers
Neophile (Beijing) Furnishing & Art Design co., ltd -- Founder
BIAD Beijing Academy Decoration -- Art Director
Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts 、 Architectural Environment Art Design Institute -- Artistic Director
Soft Furnishing Branch of China Building Decoration Association -- Vice president
Honor Experience:
2008 Top Ten Star Designers of Fashion Home Furnishing
2018 International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition - Hotel Design Gold Award
International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition - Club Space Design Gold Award
China Decoration Design Award "Design Expert with Special Contribution to the Decoration Industry"
International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition—Display Art Design Gold Award
2019 International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition—Villa Mansion Space Design Gold Award
China Architectural Decoration Design Competition CBDA Design Award - Gold Award
The 7th China Architectural Decoration Design Competition "Decoration Industry Crossover Artist"
Special Senior Researcher of "China Architectural Decoration" magazine
Outstanding Art Consultant of the 2022 China Decorative Art Design Competition
Design Concept:
Design is to inject soul into space
Representative Works:
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