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Nanjing Royal Garden-Rhein Store
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The project is located in Nanjing, China, and is a one-stop American-style wedding club upgraded from the former business of a commercial complex focusing on lifestyle. Starting from the brand symbol “Royal Tree”, the team follows the concept of Portman Space and introduces a vast number of green plants, and infiltrated the elements of the indoor garden into the usage function of the club. Also, based on the building form and property restrictions, it adopts the techniques of staggering, concave and convex, echoing, etc. to create a natural, elegant, and gorgeous American-style vintage space. The building façade adopts a diamond-shaped folding effect and blends into the surrounding environment with light gray. To compensate for the lack of openness of the entrance area, it enhances the visual depth of the entrance with the help of the outdoor landscape and the construction method of encircling and inward pushing design. This effectively guides visitors and the moving line and leads the scenery into the room as the dominant overall tone. The first floor’s interior breaks through the original square and neat layout, using the curved ceiling structure to partition the spatial attributes off. It creates private, semi-private, and open spaces with a staggering design and curved surfaces, presenting an irregular rhythmic aesthetic as a whole. At the same time, the thick and thin lines and flowing and winding curved surfaces provide reasonable and rich spaces for interior scenography, rendering users a multi-level visual experience. The avocado color of the main body, supplemented with gold color, feature gorgeous but not ostentatious. Combined with the dark-colored furniture, it highlights the calm and elegant temperament, creating an American vintage style. The fifth-floor banqueting hall was originally a 9-meter badminton court. To make the best use of the high-ceilinged space, it creates numerous supreme shapes that match the interior style, combining with interior furniture, wall decorations, and art installations, effectively reducing the sense of emptiness. At the same time, a variety of full and half partitions not only divide the multi-functional areas but also provide a reasonable spatial moving line for the limited public area. As the city living room, the sixth floor provides a place for visitors to share leisure time, and also creates space for the royal garden on the seventh floor, by sealing part of the top surface and covering the rest of the top surface with glass to create the feeling of open air. The solid part of the top of the sixth floor reduces the height difference with steps, which increases the coverage of the roof garden and perfectly bridges the floors. It is worth mentioning that a straight-running staircase is built in the form of a time tunnel between the fifth and sixth floors and the roof garden, enriching the moving line while enhancing users’ experience and interactivity.


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