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MUPDS Esthetics Lab.
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MUPDS serves the visual design and planning of enterprises and brands, and also emphasizes the observation of the society and the world, among which “aesthetic education” is a topic we have always been concerned about. The brand puts forward the concept of “sustainable design”, to disseminate “esthetics” in different ways at different stages, so that aesthetics can slowly penetrate into people’s lives, which, in the hope that through the sustainable cycle of dissemination of aesthetics throughout the whole period of time, can enhance the aesthetics of the society and the development of creativity. The MUPDS Esthetics Lab. was born from this.
Its shape of space is taken from the traditional Chinese game of tangram. From ancient times to the present day, across ages and time, the integration of tangrams is a continuation of people’s creativity and imagination, as well as an inheritance of people’s wisdom from the past. The aesthetic experience space of MUPDS consists of seven parts, which are divided into seven different spaces according to different ages. MUPDS utilizes the geometric principle of complementing each other in and out, so that the seven spaces can be freely combined, which is meant to express the infinite imagination and creativity of human beings. Such a design is also adaptable to different public spaces in the living community. The logo of the MUPDS Esthetics Lab. is based on the basic form of a tangram. Seven parts and more than 1,600 combinations give the logo more imaginary space and a greater sense of freedom, and can be flexibly adapted to different environments and venues, thus reflecting MUPDS Esthetics Lab.’s philosophy of “Freedom of Design, Freedom of Esthetics”.
Additionally, the posters for the MUPDS Esthetics Lab. vary and are divided into two series. Each series consists of 8 individual posters, and each poster represents a space. The posters can be used individually or combined to promote the whole. When combined together, they form a space plan of the MUPDS Esthetics Lab. The peripherals launched offline, such as postcards, 3D tangram toys, activity bracelet and T-shirts, emphasizes interaction and connection between the public and the artworks. These items are intended to help people to awaken the experience of life, to feel the good and the ugly, and to pursue their own desired future and life.

Agency:Guangzhou Manyou Mup Creative Consultancy Co., Ltd.

MUPDS is based on the Italian design system and was founded by a team of designers who graduated from the Politecnico di Milano. The company provides design services for companies and brands, with a passion for discovering real brand values in the details of life, focusing on the overall visual expression of the brand in different application environments, communication and experience. The company is committed to data visualisation, through the collation and reorganisation of textual and graphic information, and integrated into the actual application, is good at simple, clear, conceptual design means, to provide customers with effective, innovative branding solutions, and ultimately to help customers to achieve the desired cultural appeal and business objectives.