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MRGF Luxury Essence
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Perfectly designed for MRGF Luxury Essence, this packaging draws inspiration from the extract of corchorus olitorius, the core ingredient of the product, to create a high-end brand image in a glamorous and luxurious style.
The use of corchorus olitorius for beauty can be traced back to the time of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt. Therefore, the design team took the gold and black symbolizing power at that time as the main color, greatly combined with the antique architectural texture outlined by modern embossed relief process to create an extraordinary brand image. In addition, the packaging is decorated with antique arch pattern, which perfectly integrates the mysterious and eternal Temple of the Sun, the local desert landscape, corchorus olitorius ingredients and other elements, showing the unique cultural customs and the heavy cultural sense.
The design of the inner packaging is inspired by the “Egyptian Life Key”, which symbolizes the rebirth and eternity of skin. And the two sides of the product are designed with extended edges to help users open and take out. At the same time, the design team put the disposal essence in the filling tube. Compact subpackages not only help users store and carry, but also preserve the activity of the product for a long time, allowing users to enjoy the best experience in every skincare process.


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