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Project Name:MOUNTVILLA Location:Chaoyang District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
Design Company: WSD
Chief Designer:Wang Jue, Hu Zhenchun
Designer team:CAI Yuhong, Qin Lin, ZHONG Liping, He Jialong, LIAO Yongrong, Yang Yixin, LIU Yan, Xie Xiaoping
Cost: 6000yuan
Design Cycle:2021.11.15-2023.2.28
Completion time:2023.2.28
Main Materials: Marble, jade, transparent fiber cement board, ceramic tile, stainless steel, copper oxide, liquid metal, wood finish, custom wall cloth, leather
Client Name:Jiangxi Vank
Photographer: A JUN
Art and nature are both an indispensable part of life. Combining the artistic conception of the Oriental garden with the sculptural sense of the Western architecture, using the relationship between the scenery, to create the functional level and movement line of the space, walking in the space, but like swimming between home and nature.
The central island is a connecting point, connecting the dining room and the reception room, as well as the indoor and outdoor, where people are free, nature and space are boundless. Design does not need a paradigm, and the interest brought by breaking is often more deeply rooted in people's hearts. The swimming pool is no longer a single function, but has become a landscape, extending to the interior, the bell and the blue sky are reflected in the water, swaying life, the interest of life is not in this casual beauty?
The design enhances the architectural sense of the space, the murals are hidden in the field of view, and the experience of "willow flowers bright and another village" gives the whole space a sense of rhythmic change and frustration.
The structure of the space is like a garden, which inspires people's desire to explore. Between the "landscape light and shadow", living, traveling, or drinking with a few friends, is not it also an experience of the poetic life of literati who devote themselves to the landscape?
This floor is a customized space for the hostess, which can be both a studio and a tea party room, as well as a private customized SPA area. Gold, gray and brown create a sophisticated and stable space background color, while the light beige and gray pink embellishments bring a delicate and luxurious charm.
The bedroom is connected to the courtyard, the space and the flow of nature are opened up, can perceive the change of the seasons outside the window, feel the temperature and humidity in the air, experience the touch of the breeze and the heat of the sunset. The beginning and the end of the day, from morning to night, all happen here, and the beauty spreads from there.


Affiliated with WS GROUP, WSD boasts a professional team with over 20 years of experience in the design industry. It is adept at presenting forward-looking thinking through space design and infusing life with the value of design with an innovative spirit. It is also proficient at providing interior design, soft-fitting design, and product configuration solutions for the real estate industry, commercial space, customized private mansions, and the fashion and art industries.
WSD believes that the value of design extends beyond the design itself. With a global vision and business sensitivity, WSD gains insight into the rapid market and structural changes, helping customers achieve their commercial value more effectively and inspiring their imaginations for the perfect design. As a creative international design institution, WSD strives to hunt for fresh elements of the times from diversity, innovation and infinity. It expresses the present era's delicate, warm, youthful, fashionable DNA, and natural humanism. Moreover, it integrates cultural elements into its professional design to convey the new generation's life to more people through its design.