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Mountain Villa, poetry and distance
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Living in the hustle and bustle of the city, it is inevitable to feel a little crowded and tired. Push Open the door of the home, the mountains in the distance, as if the mountains are empty and distant, freehand landscape painting dream-like presentation, in the three-dimensional Mountain City of Chongqing, is one of the few houses unique to the natural landscape! Ten years apart, a very harmonious couple with different personalities and hobbies found Ma Aiyang again with different needs and preferences and a vision of a new home, give him the villa on the bank of the yu-lin River in Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing! Designers with the needs of the owners, to build a connected ancient and modern, eastern and western space art combination, people and the ideal home of communication with nature.
Push Open the door of the home, the mountains in the distance, as if a picture of the mountains as a dream. The design continues the nature in the building, transforms the owner's hope and the flowing nature, the abstract culture into the concrete building space, puts the new space field force in the dialogue between the building and the nature. The entrance hall, which has a strong sense of ceremony, gains infinite richness with limited space. Using the original beam and column of the building, deepen the sense of spatial composition, horizontal opening and closing, vertical local elevation, the wide horizontal hall shape expands the spatial scale, constructs the field force order. The ceremonial foyer corresponds to the beams and stairs on both sides, forming the left, right, horizontal and vertical lines of communication, emphasizing a sense of symmetry and sequence.
The line of sight extends through the building's composition to reinforce the rhythm of the building, the recesses in the columns and the large wooden finishes, emphasizing the sense of spatial strength of the building itself, the detailed treatment of the cloth-art slate, the art staircase, the warm wood and the beams and columns, strengthen the relationship between architectural levels. The precipitation of details brings the host the ultimate sensory experience, the luxury of Italian style, is not the material blindly flashy, is the spatial scale grasp and the presentation of life style, is the texture of structure and rhythm, it is a lyrical flowing image. White simple steel handrails, the use of the form of side winding, so that the light like a dragon hovering, and thus produce a more modern, abstract expression, by the stairs to create a space of places. The warm wood grain on the back is separated from the vertical light band, which strengthens the sense of the stair form and highlights the beauty of the stair itself, and makes the visual flow rich and varied when walking.
The courtyard is the Chinese traditional ideal living pattern and the life style, is the culture, the etiquette, the society and the natural fusion. The reconstruction of the basement is the colorful chapter of this case. Following the original structure, the garden will be sunk to provide ventilation and lighting for the basement. Two courtyards with natural daylighting are constructed, which make their tonality unified and their sight lines connected, thus expanding the volume of the basement. Out of the window, the courtyard, tree shadows whirling, the atmosphere quiet. The courtyard that introduces the view into the room, causes the indoor gas field and the courtyard to form the whole, through the large scope glass division and outline, the entire space maintains the harmony, causes the broad line of sight and the spiritual gas field to communicate, the owner of the house can fully enjoy the scenery between the venues. The outer courtyard supports the free and flexible public activity area, creating a multi-dimensional space with interactive communication, natural experience and artistic feeling. Combined with the main structure of the building, the living space of the elderly and guests is arranged on one side of the courtyard to form a quadrangle, a cloister is built outside, a small garden world is constructed, pomegranate trees with many children and many blessings are planted, and rain is heard in the cornice, looking up at the sky is the old man's favorite place.
In this small natural territory, sit quietly can nourish the heart, lively is the gas, in the courtyard brewing contemporary oriental poetic life. Old People's living area, guest activity area, sharing the courtyard, but also non-interference with each other, in line of sight and the living room connected, with more perspective at the same time, let the small courtyard and natural scenery, family culture co-exist, both to ensure the privacy of individual life and more open and lively. A maple tree is planted on the other side of the courtyard. Design here, the world in the physical space dimension and the dimension of time, but also the existence of the spiritual dimension, life with the four seasons, so that the spirit back to nature, breathing, breathing, vegetation. Between the artificial and the natural fusion, emphasizes the architectural spirit, expresses the host interest. The explorative construction courtyard, the light and shadow world, the nature and the human, the spirit seeks the long-term homecoming.
If the courtyard structure of the courtyard is the philosophy of heaven and man, drinking tea is the Chinese philosophy of life. And the places that carry this activity are usually endowed with rich spiritual connotation. The Teahouse, providing the hostess with the leisure and tranquility of tea, interprets the philosophy of Oriental culture. Teahouse and chess and card room around the courtyard, focus function, open space, private enclosure, the sun into the landscape can be appreciated, is the hostess favorite. The hostess loves both fashion and simplicity, and traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting and tea culture. The designer adds the Chinese culture symbol in the modern simple teahouse space, adds the Oriental primitive interest, causes the teahouse space and the whole Italian simple space dissimilation fusion. Paintings, antiques, collections, teas and teacups, furniture fully display their elegance, reproducing the elegance of traditional aesthetics. Explore the contemporary context of traditional oriental cultural expression, light Chinese symbols to replace the pure Chinese style, space exquisite details of technology, shape the culture of architecture and life.
To the owner's beloved wood screen collection as a decorative visual center, and white space, remove the redundant visual focus, and the Italian minimalist leather sofa set off each other. The use of beam top and the surrounding symmetrical decorative columns, architectural symbols into the interior, artistic conception far away. Italian minimalist details of the treatment, the field to reduce the repeated carved beams, more pure texture, Chinese complexity and Italian minimalism under the collision of Harmony, all hidden in the heart. The warm leather furniture, the natural stone skin, the metope natural texture lacquer as well as some surface texture simple element, creates the indoor natural true beauty, creates the tranquil relaxed and the soothing feeling, make the basement a place of inner peace. With the integration of the natural and the humanities, the landscape and the ancient and modern, the oriental tradition and the italian-style symbol, the rich spatial sequence is formed through the overall combination of the two courtyards, the interior space forms a dialogue with the natural landscape in the courtyard.
The owner's collection of a pair of Chinese totem woodcarvings planted on both sides of the stairs, and the simple space to form a visual contrast. Hand-made cane-weaving art installation, Chinese carving, old objects and space field clever integration. For the hostess love between the establishment of an organic ideal of tea culture, multi-cultural collision, law is not law, self-pattern. The design entrusts the Space Art Beauty and the architecture beauty, the space satisfies the user's desire, should open as far as possible, to keep simple, picks off the superfluous line, preserves the original esthetics, the architectural abstract implication and the design innovation can embody. The overall color system of the first floor living room is made of high-grade warm gray with warm and moist wood, which makes use of the original columns and beams to strengthen the sense of order in the space. In the light and shadow of the progressive and rendering to create a rich level, like the endless mountains outside the window, mountain layers, but also reflects the interior layers into the spatial vision. The overall color of the space with advanced warm gray with warm wood to do soft, using the original column beam to strengthen the sense of order in the space. In the light and shadow of the progressive and rendering to create a rich level, like the Endless Mountains outside the window, mountain layers, but also reflects the interior layers into the spatial vision.
The space continues the extremely simple and elegant charm, the time circulation is extending the host's life philosophy, the place spirit can mold, the life is relaxed has the degree, has the expectation, this is in the heart the most ideal residence. The afternoon leisure area next to the hall shed a couple of sunshine, leisure time will be filled with the aroma of red wine, touch the white pages, flipping through the gaps in the sun, to feel the natural temperature. The dining room and kitchen are separated by large areas of glass, and the view is wide. When you experience the daily necessities of life, you only need to look up to take in this beautiful and fresh natural picture. You can not help but imagine the distance beyond the mountains, and what a sight it was. The building and the space are like a flowing spring, embracing each other harmoniously and smoothly. Second floor space as the master and daughter of the suite, the area is relatively limited, the design as much as possible to increase the use of space, a reasonable line of zoning layout, landscape set for the bedroom, study, overlooking the window, all the sights are in sight. The Italian minimalism and traditional Oriental culture are balanced and integrated in the most appropriate way. The designer has always maintained a restrained and cautious attitude. The extension and application of minimalism in the depth of space, elegant Teahouse, the art of white space, the embellishment of old objects, all with great ingenuity. Visible Design, invisible design, to exaggerate, stay true, elegant and plain and complement each other.

Designer:Aiyang Ma

Ma Aiyang, English name: Mark, graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute School in 1998, further studied in the Department of Environmental Art of Tsinghua University, 2023 in October in the Italian Politecnico di Milano contemporary interior design class. Its conception is avantgarde and open, bold and tolerant, dares to innovate and self-breakthrough, advocates a concise, practical and integrated art space, not constrained by style and form, and emphasizes the flexibility and changeability of architectural space, respect for space, the environment and human relations. Based on life, looking to the future, always with its input and focus, for customers to achieve a beautiful dream home.