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“MONKEYTEA” Da Hong Pao Global Flagship Store
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The whole project is inspired by red. Instead of staying with the wood colors that usually come with traditional Chinese tea space, the designers use metal materials, with bold and fashionable colors. Just like “the buds are as red as dye” said in Chinese tradition, the whole space is colored in red, with reflective surface materials and lighting design. The details present a sense of modern premium.
Wuyi rock tea (Yancha) has a long history, and Da Hong Pao is the best of the Wuyi rock tea. Da Hong Pao tea tree grow on the cliff, where no one can reach. Every year in the tea picking season, the temple monks use fruit as bait, taming the monkeys to pick the tea, so some people call this "monkey pick tea.” MONKEYTEA is the ultimate in Wuyi rock tea. Designer Wang Yang pays homage to the charm of the great rock tea with a touch of the ultimate red tea soup. Through the use of red striped aluminum, red stone and copper, she embodies a delicate and noble unique temperament.
The overall and unified color of the large space, combined with the texture and material changes, presents a very strong visual impact. Kieferzapfen Design even designed and customized an exclusive floor tile for MONKEYTEA global flagship store. The designers take the one bud and two leaves of the tea tree as graphic elements for the tile, and rearranges them in the form of a tea garden, implying longevity and prosperity.
Kieferzapfen Design cleverly turned a useless space on the first floor into an iconic fully immersive space. Due to its low floor height, the space originally did not have functional value. Even so, combined with the use of mirrors and multimedia, the space became a stylish visual landmark.
The teahouse on the second floor is mainly for VIP guests. Compared with the delicate and classy space on the first floor, it pays more attention to the expression of Zen, creating a comfortable and undisturbed atmosphere. The second floor combines immersive light and shadow effects to create tea-tasting experiences and modern cultural artistic conception under different scenes.
Modern and oriental. Fashionable and delicate. The temperament of MONKEYTEA flagship store is exactly the spatial tone that Kieferzapfen Design wants to express. It is also a tribute to each other of the premium rock tea and a century of Huaihai Road.

Agency: Kieferzapfen Design

As the benchmark of creative design and cross-border innovation in China, Kieferzapfen Design was founded in 2006, formerly Hande InterCulture GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. The founder and Design Director of the company are both returning designers from Germany. Kieferzepfen Design has accumulated rich experience in comprehensive creative design and user experience. It has developed into a diversified and comprehensive design agency that integrates design services and user experience research.
Keiferzapden Design team adhere to the international vision and professional design execution for domestic and foreign customers, providing services from interior design, technology innovation to multimedia vision of the overall design. In recent years, Kieferzapfen Design is dedicated to applying high-tech intelligence and fashion concepts to commercial spaces. The company has won numerous domestic and international awards in the interior / product design category.
The company's wholly-owned multimedia-immersive cultural sensory restaurant — Liangshe — promotes and expresses Chinese culture through the combination of multimedia high-tech means and modern fashion concepts.