Modern Wabi-sabi Style, from Form to Meaning
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There are thousands of ways that we can see and feel the world, as long as we can subconsciously apply these perspectives and feelings to our daily lives.
The living room dining room space uses some modelling feeling and exquisite furniture and the decoration ornament pays attention to the furniture practical function to use the less is more skillfully the design language not only expanded the space but also guaranteed on the design elegant style is this case transformation core concept home finally presents the appearance is the house owner's inner world true portrayal experience epidemic for three years, lifestyle has also changed the attitude of living a minimalist life, the desire for good things are the pursuit of the inner part of their own purity.
Feel the gentle and healing atmosphere of the house
The final draft is intended to make every sense of space as comfortable as possible, but private space, the first thing to focus on is functional, secondly, the floor effect created by the aesthetic degree is that the whole presents an indolent and free atmosphere, the layout of the living room is not intentionally created, any furniture a change can be another kind of life scene design concise gives a person to relax unrestrained atmosphere.
The living room to the kitchen is connected by a line of matte tiles in a single line three spaces the ceiling of the living room is designed with arcuate chandeliers to create a sense of space the minimalist lines in the facade are matched with soft but not rigid the so-called“Soft-in-the-middle” Roche-robois bubble sofa seems to be surrounded by numerous bubbles to bring a great sense of comfort the open layout makes this home extra free and comfortable.
Open Space and natural texture
Sofa background wall in order to weaken the presence of sub-wei and wall level to create invisible door flat wall will improve the overall openness of the visual more beautiful also become a unique presence of space to sub-wei space floor material is also unified without stone partition because the toilet did three separate treatment so there will be no water splashing oh from the wall to the top are the same material oatmeal warm soft and warm intertexture in the material and light and shadow traction objects and the interaction of the scene
The TV wall is backed by the study wall with an arc of Rainbow Glass fixed fan to guide light transition to connect the two spaces with light more visually intimate space to release the feeling of transparency to the living room with more light and mystery background wall to show the finished product in a simple and unadorned pure shape of the Samsung serif painting TV design properties of itself is already an art installation of the beauty of Mobile TV on the ground placed undefined way of life into each space full of casual and at home in the ordinary time do not watch TV can also be as decorative painting or audio users of the softness of the space can be presented in the space Natural light and interior lighting are beautifully combined to create the ambience of the whole house lighting is the creator of floor lamps, chandeliers, and light belts from the living room to the dining room to the bedroom every corner has their presence the warmth of the home lighting romance and gentleness interesting weave together to make the visual experience simple yet orderly and varied, at the same time close to the self.
The finished table for six classic wabi sabi chandeliers and mixed-and-matched dining chairs add a retro feel to the house owner's aesthetic interest as well as the kitchen appliances embedded in the cabinets provide ample storage space to meet the needs of daily life pots and pans, bottles and cans is the love of life and yearning.
There is tenderness everywhere I look
The gentle and delicate wood texture follows the soft light curve directly to the dining room, meals and seasons. The sense of ritual extends from the taste buds, which is simple and extraordinary, and the practical and aesthetic taste meet each other to create an eco-friendly cooking space. The dining room and the kitchen are all lit by the same window, the outdoor balcony is not sealed, and the French window forms to welcome the sunlight to the maximum.
From the dining room, the exquisite soft clothing in the living room presents a high-class and elegant atmosphere at home, plus the warm coffee healing feeling brought by the hard clothing, the whole is soft and elegant, the afternoon sunlight passes through the dim and translucent soft gauze curtain, with its own gentle filter, sprinkles the warm yellow comfortable feeling in the room, spreads the whole room into the space, infuses a warm and soft space, clean and tidy everywhere embodies the design concept of“Less is more”, which is both simple and functional.
The semi-open kitchen is wide open to bring natural light into the interior every space has a sense of cohesion and interaction with the load-bearing columns of the balcony is a bridge to connect and constantly meet different functions in different scenes rice oil salt can also be a poem with the distance from the dining room into the kitchen is also a double-motion line design triple-linkage extremely narrow glass sliding door hidden to wood veneer after the background of the island with Western Kitchen form echo design The smoke and fire coexist with a sense of ritual
The master bedroom is designed to meet the privacy and security of the space design will be the master bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe, together with the ceremony of the master bedroom in the entrance to reflect the arc-shaped plasterboard wall as a screen to guide the behavior of moving line bedside background wood surface calm and warm in the clouds sleeping“Cloud Bed” and sofa-like appearance design from the visual can bring a great sense of comfort and relaxation imagine waking up in bed every day life will become cute up it.
Improve the function and comfort of the master bedroom.
The creamy paint on the top of the apartment also minimizes the distribution of downlight as the main lighting bedside lamp to contrast the bedroom atmosphere warm yellow light with a charming halo soft bedside exudes a lazy and comfortable atmosphere to improve the quality of sleep.
The matte tile with uniform size of the main bathroom wall chose natural rock texture natural relaxed atmosphere is to enjoy a bath in the bathroom double basin design is the owner of the living scene needs to want more space to receive the consideration of the choice of mirror cabinet design shower room single white rock pattern in the bathroom space is more interesting.
The study has the functions of entertainment, work, leisure, storage and meet the needs of a variety of living scene at the same time, the open space can enhance the storage capacity and can also be used as a hand-made, collection display cabinet using cream minimalism and warm wood warm healing living room warm light and shadow by glass and natural light mingled with office leisure feeling space brings fun is not a kind of relaxation.
Project name:Shanghai Lujiazui Donghe apartment
Design area:189㎡
Design organization:YY·STUDIO
The creative team:Chen Haiyang
Design team:Wu Jiayu, Ye Jun.
Product Design:Chen Lujing
Project address:Shanghai, Pudong district
 Project copy:Lai Fung

Designer:Chen haiyang

13 years of employment, graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University with a bachelor's degree, Shanghai Crafts Artist, Chief Designer of Dongyi Risheng Home Decoration Group, and Founder of YY Studio