Marmot Club-Luoying City
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Located in Wuhan Hubei, the capital of cherry blossoms, Luoying Town is a large immersive themed entertainment space, constructed based on traditional Chinese cultural elements, combining “Tang-oriented style” with business. It aims to provide users a moderate and lifestyle immersion experience in two dimensions: scenes and characters, and highlight national and cultural confidence with the majestic Tang-oriented style and fashion, promoting the integration of traditional culture into modern life.
Inspired by the desert border, the entrance links a wooden flat-topped archway and the rockery mountain as the gate and the city wall, which is imposing and attractive. With the interior architecture under the shade of cherry blossoms, it performs the function of space guidance and increases the landscape and visual diversity, highlighting and echoing the characteristics of the program.
By using a variety of techniques such as seeing different views with each step forward and split-level space, the interior design recreates a richly layered, ancient Tang-oriented style block. For the overall structure, by following the style of Tang Dynasty architecture, the team deconstructs and dismantles the complex arch and eave structures, then simplifies and reconstructs them to form modern Chinese elements. They’re integrated into the overall design so that it not only retains the lingering charm of Chinese architecture but also reflects the inheritance and innovative development of traditional craftsmanship. In addition, the team also created four tall towers running through a two-story high-ceilinged space, effectively enhancing the utilization rate of the vertical space while intensifying the user’s holistic experience and depth of exploration. The tall towers are linked by corridors, which blurs the boundary between the buildings and maintains the continuity of the user’s moving line. In terms of user experience, interactive experiences such as inscription rubbing, wax printing, and archery that restore classical Chinese amusement events. Supplemented with a suspended running track throughout the city, it can fully mobilize users and enables them to explore in an easy and fun way without the constraints of time and organization.
By referring to the wooden structure of the Tang Dynasty, the whole program integrates the modern texture of metal plates and pipes into the ancient texture of wood and rocks, achieving the coexistence of tradition and modernity and presenting a majestic image with gorgeous and meticulous details. In this way, it enables users to alter their role from tourists to players with a more localized perspective, giving a sense of linearity, order, and mission to the previously loose, random, and aimless tour activities, and transforming the communication of culture from passive learning to active exploration.

Agency: Great CoCo (Suzhou) Cultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.

GREATCOCO is one of the most promising next generation of content creation and indoor entertainment cultural innovation companies in China. With the mission of setting up China's original amusement parks to create more satisfaction and realize epochal visions, GREATCOCO strives to introduce innovative domestic amusement parks to the world. We have created various core brand products, including the first original ever theater park in China - Marmot Club, the first original live-action parent-child scripted-murder mystery in China, Luoying, the largest comprehensive parent-child interactive exhibition - VERNE's MAGIC RESIDENCE, and the original mini education park - COCOTOWN. All of these efforts have made GREATCOCO an iconic company leading the third generation of content-oriented indoor theme parks in China.