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This is a new technology. It connects the smart watch with the terminal of the new energy car. On the watch, you can grasp the status of the car, replacing the traditional car key and giving the car owner a new experience. This is a complete, newly designed wearable device. It has a unique design in terms of human-machine size, usage and decoration. The unique macaron shape and fashionable color combination meet the usage needs and wearable fashion needs of Gen Z people.
The overall shape of the watch is inspired by Makaron. Its simple and fashionable temperament conforms to the demand of Generation Z for new energy vehicle watches. Its shape is round and interesting, and the combination of strap and dial is also interesting. The beige color matching and orange color matching increase its advanced sense and simplicity, and reduce the cost. With the existing function of smart watch, it can bind the user's new energy vehicle (such as Tesla) to replace the function of car key, and connect the intelligent terminal of new energy vehicle to become an interactive terminal.

Agency:Shine Meditation Health Technology(Hangzhou)Co., Ltd/Zhongshan Aoduo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd