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Weiyu Intelligent Circuit Breaker


Due to the continuous development of modernization economics and acceleration of urbanization progress, there are 13 billion square meters of construction area per year in China, and there have been more than 620K High-rise buildings. These buildings cannot survive without the application of electricity system. However, when the electricity is bringing the convenience and smart living to us, there is also great safety concern with it.
There were 120K electrical fire accidents last year in China, and most of them were caused by the nonconformance in various kinds of electric appliance in daily life. Intelligent and refined electrical parameter monitoring and multiple-layer safety protection are not available with traditional circuit breaker, easy to cause electricity safety hazards, such as current overload, electric leakage, and short circuit, etc., Additionally, nonconformance in electricity application may cause huge electricity consumption, while the intelligentized modification of traditional circuit is complicated with high cost, and all these factors make it urgent to promote intelligent and safe electricity application.
This product is operated with intelligent electricity cloud management platform, installed with intelligent electricity application APP, intelligent distribution box, intelligent gateway and intelligent air switch. Based on the application of AI data analysis technology, a bi-directional closed-loop is provided between executive terminal and command center via a link with a third-party system, leading to joint implementation of multiple scenarios, and ensuring the building electricity safety.
Very high breaking capacity and intelligent AI analysis on electricity consumption are provided by this product, allowing a real-time alarm on abnormal cases in the circuit. Work order interlink or tripping process can be realized based on intelligent electricity cloud management platform, with a breaking capacity up to 15kA and higher protection against current overload. In terms of hardware performance, the most significant feature of the product is its very small structural volume, with strong functions. A design without knapsack and modular structure make it easy for installation, while a diversified assembly combination can be carried out to realize multiple functions, which make them applicable to the industrial electricity supply for large buildings.
The electricity is invisible; however, it has the impact on all aspects of our daily life. A rational utilization will serve us quietly, while in case of abuse, it can cause large safety hazard. It is beyond doubt that Weiyu Intelligent Circuit Breaker is providing a fundamental safety barrier for intelligent electricity consumption in our daily life. In additional to its great performance, the appearance of Weiyu Intelligent Circuit Breaker is also one unique advantage, in which special cutting process is applied on product side section and corner, providing rich sense of depth and block tension in addition to its neat and smooth profile. Original raised design on push rod external edge can deliver excellent touch experience with the action on the push rod. Additionally, the arm of force on the push rod is extended intentionally to realize an easy action. In terms of color, purple color, representing the thunderbolt, is major color tone. All product lines are using this color scheme to create a visual uniform with compact structure. An implication of nobleness is presented with the entire product, delivering a warning massage on electricity application with caution.

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