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Macau deng ji
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Macau [Deng Ji], coordinates Macao comprehensive entertainment resort bustling area, by Guangzhou Yingcai decoration design as space planning, soft decoration design construction landing and other services. The entire restaurant is nearly 800 square meters, designed by Deng Huadong, the Chinese culinary master/the inherator of Nantang Sichuan cuisine. The design integrates contemporary aesthetic and artistic refinement experience, colliding contemporary Sichuan style creativity with Chinese style, and realizing the dining experience of "new, fashionable, refined and quality" with a unique taste system.
Sichuan cuisine, as one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines and one of the eight traditional Chinese cuisines, has a history dating back to more than 2,000 years ago. Sichuan has been known as the "Land of abundance" since ancient times. Surrounded by mountains, it has a suitable climate and abundant water sources, which have nurtured the richness of Sichuan's products and contributed to the prosperity of Sichuan's food culture.
As a brand of Sichuan cuisine, Dengji's essence lies in integrating the gene and expression of the city. The art of cooking lies in controlling the change of cooking techniques and tastes. Food is a medium of dialogue between life and art. The space is both popular and classic in the same row, using modern techniques and materials to re-integrate Chinese classical elements, combined with the artistic conception of traditional Chinese gardens, to form a new concept and new vision with Sichuan bamboo culture. The collision of primitive elements and contemporary space achieves a high degree of integration of paying tribute to tradition and commercial localism.

Designer:Zai Ying Yang

Master of Design Management, Macau University of Science and Technology Master student, Macao University of Science and Technology.Focus on high-end residential design and catering space design for 20 years, with many years of experience in foreign design companies, adhere to the concept of "innovative design, build the future", customer-centric, product-centric, service-oriented, to achieve customer value optimization.2022 If Design Award - Winner, 2022 Muse Design Award - Gold Winner, 2022 Ida Design Award - Honorable Mention, 2022 Liv Design Award - Honorable Mention, 2022 Amp Design Award - Honorable Mention.Jintang Award 2022 - Outstanding Dining Space Design Award of the Year