London Square
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Restore HUERNE | | London square space, fast-paced city, love make life slow down!
Location: Shanghai
Project area: 1,220 square meters
Project community | London Square
Joey and Alan are a post-90s prospective couple. They started with a love in dinosaur class. They moved to Seattle, New York, Hong Kong and other places for ten years. Finally, the long-distance race successfully reached the end and started another stage of their new development. Life.

Touched by the love story of the owner, we decided to create a place of love and tenderness in the name of love. The style is mainly simple, we incorporate design ingenuity in the details, lighting, glass, line elements...Use the color and texture of the material to give the space texture, and use cream and natural light as the space. Put on a gentle undertone. Create a romantic and gentle love space that fits the homeowner’s living habits.

Designer: LEE

Served as the founder and design director of Shanghai Heshe Space Design Co., Ltd. (referred to as He Design), (Warm New Home) (Yearing New Home) and other design TV programs and short video guests, 15 years of deep work in private house design, Internet celebrity There are countless owners of design works, active thinking, good color feeling, good at space shaping, patient and meticulous, humorous and trendy boy slaves.
We have created countless fun homes with a sense of childhood belonging and are committed to leading the team to build a diversified design, providing interior design and innovation services for home improvement apartments, villas, soft furnishings, commercial spaces, etc. Make a design with temperature and realize a home with emotion.
Design concept: use problem-solving thinking to design, use design to describe the story of the interweaving of people and space
【Representative work】
Guest designer of Beijing TV's "Warm New Home", A Place on DRAGON TV, The Best Project
ADA member of American Federation of Interior Design
Outstanding Youth of China (Shanghai) Design
Student of space Environment Art Design senior Training class of Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University
Member of M+ Talk Designer Seminar
Invited designer of Shanghai Broadcasting and Television Station
In 2021, the 9th Nippon "Future Star" Young Designers Contest invited tutor
2021 International Space Design Award -- Idea-TOPS Silver Award for Apartment Design
2021 International Space Design Award -- IDEa-TOPS Award for Excellence in Villa Design
In 2021, the 13th (Zhurong Award) China Lighting Design and Application Competition home space second prize
2020 Asia Pacific Design Center Excellence Award
2020 Good Living Builder Award East China Division TOP100
2020 PCHOUSE private house design awards Shanghai TOP10 design agency award
2020 PCHOUSE private house design award national TOP100 design agency award, PCHOUSE Private House Design Awards 2020
2020 Reclining Design Competition Annual Excellent Design Organization Award