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Liupanshui Smart Agricultural Tourism Digital Ecological Experience Center
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Liupanshui Smart Farm Travel Digital Eco Experience Centre -- introducing innovation into the meta-universe to create a model for the integration of digital and intellectual experiences in Liupanshui Kong, through the paradigm of “Science and Technology + Rural Tourism + rural revitalization”, we have innovatively introduced meta-universe interaction and tailor-made theme planning to create Liupanshui's unique immersive digital intelligence pavilion, we will vigorously promote the development of national-level industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zones in Liupanshui. We will create a smart business model to further expand Liupanshui Liupanshui's agricultural, cultural and tourism dissemination areas and service capacity, and provide all-round assistance to the transformation and upgrading of Hong Kong's industrial structure, so as to expand Liupanshui's edge in the digital economy.

Agency:Guangzhou Fantuo Digital Creative Technology Co. , Ltd.

Founded in 2002, Guangzhou Fantuo Digital Creative Technology Co. , Ltd. is an integrated provider of digital creative products and digital integrated solutions, provide 3D digital content production, software development, integrated design, system integration and other one-stop digital creation services, it is widely used in the fields of architectural design, cultural blog, science, education, science popularization, smart city, cultural tourism, cultural and sports activities, etc. , in the country has Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan Six Digital Innovation Center, Guangzhou as the headquarters. Professional team 1100 + people, in 2022 in Shenzhen Gem listing -StocktCodecode: 301313) . Based on 3D visualization, digital multimedia integration technology, AI and digital twinning technology, the company provides static and dynamic digital creative services (3D rendering, 3D HD promo, digital exhibition items, interactive multimedia exhibition items, etc.) , AI, 3D information products (Virtual Digital Homo Sapiens, digital twinning FT-E platform, Yuan universe cloud exhibition hall, etc.) and digital exhibition hall integration services.