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This project is an exhibition space of a metal stairs company, mainly presenting heteromorphic metal stairs and metal structural materials. The original building was a duplex with two stories and a single floor measuring 130 square meters. A concrete column separating the first and second floors was located in the center of the room, which was a significant barrier for our design. A set of three-dimensional "ten" characters made of concrete beams and columns are placed in the center of a space with a height of six meters through mechanical calculation and repeated reasoning, which accommodate the needs of the staircase display. Thus, an open and intriguing space is created, and the “Pandora's box“ is unlocked.
Taking inspiration from Flamenco, the designer attaches a red spiral staircase to the three-dimensional "ten" character as a starting point to connect the first and second floors, representing the heart and soul of the whole space. Unbridled, graceful, and vivacious Flamenco's zeal matches the vibe of the metal staircase exhibition hall perfectly. On the second story, corridors and associated exhibition platforms and areas are constructed with a steel frame that is suspended above the concrete beams, leaving the concrete beams and columns totally exposed. The closed loop of the spatial moving line is completed by a straight stairway that rises to the first level from the opposite end. The entrance hall, water bar, metal component display area, multimedia technology display area, negotiating space, conference room, etc. are all dispersed along this spatial moving line in turn, which look natural and harmonious.
In this steel and metal space, it's as if we are facing an aristocracy from Barcelona's historic ballroom through time and space, with the dancers twisting their waists to the music. Listening to Lao Tzu's Taoist philosophy and comprehending the essence of Yin and Yang harmony, as well as hardness and softness, we seem travel back in time to the fifth century BC.
Red can be either a passionate rose or a hot dance skirt. Here, the color of red is a soft S-shaped curve, mellow and coherent. The beautiful Flamenco dancer is illuminated throughout the entire stage by the light, which descends directly from the top and climbs all the way along the curve.
The metal steps' intricate design wizardry is also extremely beautiful. The stage's red circle platform at the bottom serves as a sort of miniature version that progressively draws attention to the main character. On top of a water-sensitive metal outfit with futuristic design elements, light blue transparent glass lace is used as decoration. People may see the dancer's distinctive, exquisite white skin when they glance down at her. The designer's carefully picked stone materials and the red edge are intertwined. The toughened glass handrail's edge glows a bright blue-green in contrast to the light, looking flexible and beautiful.
The whole space is decorated with gray terrazzo floor, which echoes with the strong column structure. The white wall is like a huge curtain that sets off the metal spiral staircase in the middle.
A concrete structure, built by the designers to enhance the spatial structure, standing straight and upright, looks like a calm and responsible man, representing the sense of authority of the metal workshop. Virtuality and reality, as well as softness and stiffness meet here, making the space full of philosophical significance, thus realizing dialectical unity in the artistic construction. In addition, a steel wood-color gripping rim is added to further realize a harmonic fusion of traditional timber structure architecture and modern architecture.
On the top of the booth, there is a stainless steel ceiling, looking like sparkling waves of water ripples, mellow and soft. As the proverb goes, the top class of virtue is like water, which benefits ten thousand objects without any demands for return. At the sight of the stainless steel ceiling, this proverb will certainly come to mind.

Designer: Luo Gang

Luo Gang, Founder of Luo Gang Design Office & YIN WU DESIGN
The materialized space is endowed with humanistic expression, bursting out the specific place spirit. This is about aesthetics, about humanity, about time and space, but it is more than that. How to accumulate and share, how to listen and express, how to integrate and innovate... This is the direction of our team's continuous thinking and exploration.
YIN WU DESIGN has been devoted to the design of high-end private houses for 20 years. We keep tracing the tradition and classics, focusing on integration and innovation, and exploring permanence and balance. We focus on the individual differences of projects and customers, and achieve the most matching project results with customized design and service implementation. It is our consistent design pursuit to live in a place that pays equal attention to fireworks and poetry.