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Project Overview:
This project is located in the Huguang Shanse community in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, with a building age of 10 + years. Construction commenced in September 2021 and was fully completed in May 2023. The building area is 150 ㎡. Main materials used: tiles, stone, veneer, wood customization, interior wall paint, tiles, finished furniture, sanitary ware, etc.
Design Description:
The designer for this case was the first party, and from their own perspective, they took the lead on both the design, construction, and materials selection, from the perspective of the first party. Finally, although this case is highly faithful to its original plan, we are very touched.
The title of this case is The Late Work, which derives its meaning from multiple levels. One reason is that the client (the designer) was born in the 1990s, but a relatively small minority of people who are currently aged and capable of buying a 150-square-meter residential property in the city where the designer is located, and designing and decorating it with full financing, are actually born in the 1990s. This is due to the designer's accidental discovery of opportunities in other fields at work and its success, which has contributed to the current case. Second, the design and construction stages coincided with a nationwide epidemic that resulted in an extended implementation timeline from 2021 to 2023. The third reason is that due to the extended landing time, there are personnel changes and brand changes at various stages (such as staff changes leading to implementation errors by the material selection team), which can lead to a lack of fidelity to the original plan or errors in the finished product, resulting in delays in the completion of the project. Fourthly, because designers were involved as more than the "customer" during the project's implementation and also noticed many unexpected issues from the perspective of the"supplier", what you see now is a 2021 design work that was completed in 2023.
Coming back to the point, the designer of this project (also known as the first party) took a full snapshot of the previous plans that they have worked on and combined them with the prevailing design and industry trends at the time, as well as their own usage or potential usage. It was a difficult process to design this project. Regarding color, only black, white, gray and wood are used for the space, while achieving maximum understanding of humans and nature through a skin-level (i. e. subjective visual) design. Due to the fixed spatial structure and limited renovation space, the desired functions and fit to the original household are closely aligned, resulting in minimal changes to the space, which is highly customized and user-friendly. In terms of lighting, the goal is to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions, and restore natural conditions, using a simple, natural approach to minimize top surface styling and light pollution, and using intelligent lighting to achieve lighting requirements that are bright and dimmable, as well as meeting lighting needs when needed. The overall design style has no obvious symbols, and is more concise, brisk, and natural, giving a relaxed, purposeless home-like feeling.
The overall plan has had a subtle impact on the design level during the nearly two years of implementation and restoration. It can be described as design as it moves through construction. However, for many designers, even if they have worked on thousands of cases, it is still better to use their own house. Therefore, during the design process of their own home, they truly understand that there are no two identical leaves in the world.


Personal resume:
Graduated from the Communication University of China, Nanjing University, in 2014;
Since the establishment of Sizheng Space Design Studio in 2018;
Open a Taobao store in 2020;
Established Cultural Media Co., Ltd. in 2021, operating millions of fan level IPs active on their respective media platforms to this day
Second Prize in the 2012 Nanjing Interior Design Competition (New and New Works)
Bronze Award in 2012 Jiangsu Provincial Interior Design Competition Excellent Award in the 2013 National Interior Design Competition
Silver Award in 2013 Jiangsu Provincial Interior Design Competition
2017 China Design Star Excellence Award
2019 M+China High end Interior Design Competition Provincial TOP50
2019 6th Mango Award China Business Excellence Award
2019 WYDF Greater China Annual Interior Design Gold Award
2020 40UNDER40 China (Jiangsu) Design Outstanding Youth
2020 WYDF Greater China Annual Interior Design Gold Award
2020 Shanghai Design Week Xinrui China Design Award (2020-2021 Provincial/Intercity Rankings)
Outstanding Award for Commercial Space Design (Realistic) at the 2020 DF International Space Awards
Winner of the 2021 GRP Sino Italian International Design Gold Finger Award
2021 IN Design Outstanding Residential Space Award
Nomination for Design Without Borders at Shanghai Design Week in 2021
Nomination for the 2021 Shanghai Design Week Residential Housing Design Award
2021 Pension Housing Award - Top 10 Residential Space Designers in Xuzhou, China
Winner of the 2021 GRP Sino Italian International Design Gold Finger Award
2021 IN Design Outstanding Residential Space Award
Shanghai Design Week Xinrui China Design Award Provincial/Urban Rankings (2020-2021)
National List of "Design Without Borders" Awards at Shanghai Design Week (2020-2021) Outstanding Award at the 2022 DF International Interior Design Awards (Realistic)
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Social contribution:
Henan Flood Donation
Condolences to Xuzhou Welfare Institute
Naming Donation Guarding Flower Bud School/Town
Donation to the Heilongjiang Flood
Awarded as Xuzhou Cultural and Tourism Recommendation Officer (awarded by Xuzhou Cultural and Tourism Bureau, Jiangsu, China)