Large flat bed with viewing of Vanke Yuewan
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The project is located in Chongqing and it has excellent views and looks out on the golf course. The designer respects the nature and combines the needs of the owner to develop the design of the project.
The designer designs the living room, dining room and kitchen wholly, so that the proportion of the whole spatial scale is perfect.
The arrangement of the living room is flexible and changeable, and the furniture can be placed at will according to different living functions, which is very suitable for the philosophy of space design of this project. In addition, the fireplace of living room has a double appearance, so that the indoor and outdoor balconies connect with each other to achieve the effect of mutual interaction between indoor and outdoor space, and different spots of light changed in the room can be shown by the light of different time passing through the balcony outside plant and curtain. The design of magnetic chalkboard paint is a new way to increase family communication and make life full of small surprises.
The balcony is our favorite part of the project. The sliding door of the balcony can be opened completely, so that the boundary between indoor and outdoor disappears, and the outdoors is integrated into the room, maximizing the different shades of green of the outdoor golf course. The feel of the whole atmosphere of the space is very calm, there is no indication that you live in the city center, and it is a wonderful feeling to enjoy the view with your family.
The designer is very interested in detail design to wood. To meet the use demand on the study of different scene and realize the transparent effect in the front and back of the whole building, the designer hides the sliding door of the study inside the bookcase entirely, so the study that opens completely can be changed to a completely closed room easily and optionally. Moreover, the style of the bookcase with a double sliding door can show different decorative effects.
The suite of the master bedroom consists of a bedroom space, a walk-in closet and a washing area. The material adopted for the whole space is warm, soft, natural and matte, and the floors and some of the wood used are American oak, which gives the space warmth. When the light permeates the curtain and spreads to every corner, the whole space achieves an artistic, quiet and relaxing effect.
The designer makes full use of the space, and the design of multifunctional room can be easily changed into a guest room, a leisure area, a fitness room, a meditation room and other spaces according to different needs.
In the project, storage is also very important. According to the owner's usage habits, the designer uses the storage methods such as "centralized storage", "fragmented storage" and "efficient storage" by combining with aesthetic design, which not only makes the storage system more perfect and reasonable, but also improves the user's experience.

Agency: Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd. is an independent design company jointly established by several well-known designers in the industry in 2014. It is the vice president unit of Chongqing Federation of Architectural Interior Design Enterprises.
With rich design experience, surging creative inspiration and good professional ethics, the company has not only been recognized by the market, but also by the academia.
Each of our design schemes is customized according to the own situation of the customer, rather than mass production; namely, each set of design has its own unique charm. We will think from the customer's point of view. In order to ensure that every work can be done to the best, we attach great importance to the control of each link in the construction process!
We hope that the final effect of each project is exquisite, rather than virtual renderings!