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Lang Li Ge Lang Hotel & Homestay project
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Clouds are the story of the wind, and mountains are the story of the sea
Hundreds of millions of years ago the water receded, but behind the mountains into the image of waves.

Here we intend to create a "vacation experience pavilion" for the bimonthly Bay, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, looking for natural fun, with unique visual effects and experience.
From the bottom up, trying to convey a trivial scale, showing a dream of the coastal aesthetics of seeing a larger universe from a small world, and deeply exploring the relationship between man and nature.

Designer: Zongyao Zhang(Zero)

Pickengers, for over the years, with the heart of craftsmen, based on the combination of culture and modern, committed to the compatibility of inheritance and innovation, rooted in design.
Trailblazer, to wash away the flashy gas, do the insight of The Times, in the search for quiet in the hustle and bustle, looking for a breakthrough in the thinking. Designed for creation.
SDI Design Engineering (Shengzhen) Co., Ltd
SDI Design is a professional and senior team, committed to high-end interior, soft decoration and other design, stop quality, aiming to design for creation, give the space personality value, so that the design to improve the quality, let the design change life.