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La Cartier. Nalan Wild Luxury
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Standing in the bustling city of Nalan, the wild luxury.
When returning to the true nature of nature has become the pursuit of the current era, building a natural residence in a bustling city has become the foothold of people's quality of life and spiritual needs. Wild luxury seems to be more able to show people's longing and calmness for returning. This project is located in the Blue Cartier Villa in Muma Mountain, Chengdu, China. The designer applied natural shapes and colors to the generation of architectural space forms, enriching the exploration of space through changing structures. The designer combines wildness and luxury to make the living space full of personality and charm. Every shape of the space conforms to the shape of nature, and the freely stretched form seems to coexist with nature. The materials are taken from all things in nature, creating a vitality that grows wantonly, allowing residents to experience life in an instant in front of a static building. Rushing, agile and refined. The quiet place blends the feeling of mountains and jungles, allowing residents to be immersed in nature and realize the true wildness and power of all things.

Agency:GrandZ Build Architectural Office (Chongqing) Co., LTD

The founder of Chengdu Wujiantang Original Space Design and the design director of Wujiantang. He has been engaged in the interior design industry for 15 years. He has designed and implemented home decoration projects and industrial decoration projects at home and abroad. His design projects have won many domestic and foreign interior design awards.

Designer:Gao Junjie