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Kyoki Lufu
Designer / Agency
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Design Concept:
Find the method of association between people and space, what kind of emotions space and people can produce, while meeting the overall needs, explore new design techniques, break the traditional European cumbersome lines, adjust the proportion scale of lines to increase the sense of volume of space, and use different colors to transition to make the space light and layered.
Design Focus:
Surrounded by greenery and lush grass, having a comfortable residence in such a place with fresh air and sunshine is what many urban dwellers dream of. Fu Xia Studio has created a dream home for the owner.
Every living utensil with a unique temperament in the living room quietly blooms in the idyllic years of leisure. The round dining table, flower and bird wallpaper, and dewaxed copper wall lamp inlaid by the mother of pearl express the visual elements to convey the comfortable and romantic living temperature, making daily dining also become an elegance.
The kitchen space has become another form of daily family together, "The multifunctional kitchen makes us enjoy cooking even more. ”
The second and third floors are the privacy space for the family, and the aesthetics of life require the symmetry of art and practicality. On one side is the ultimate elegance of life, on the other side of the cabinets are put to good use.
The design takes care of the harmonious human settlement relationship from the whole to the details. The purity of French style is displayed in the timeless freshness and elegance, and the classic essence of glitz is not visible.
Design can only sustain the future if it respects life. Baby rooms are rooms that are planned in advance to prepare for future family members.
Three floors of space, the owner couple left their daughter as an independent space. The open study room can not only enjoy private time, but also serve as a paradise to spend time with parents and friends.
The daughter's room is mostly expressed in the form of stable and soft objects. Beige and blue are intertwined, fresh and magnificent, guarding a girl's dream.
The first basement floor is an art studio, a Chinese-style Zen space with a collection of artworks brought back from various countries. The whole floor has no partition, and the space charm runs through the north and south. Inviting three or five friends to gather for tea and appreciate antiques is one of the hostesses' daily tastes.
On the other side of the screen, there is an art gallery displaying different paintings. For each Tibetan painting, the hostess will tell her friends interesting origins and stories.
The negative two-story audio-visual room is built by the male owner. He modified a set of cool audio equipment, and every day when he came home from work, his beloved HIFI sound took him over mountains and the sea.
The living room ceiling, multi-layer crystal chandeliers, window design, highlight the French light luxury atmosphere, noble blue walls and wheat gold sofa, will be exquisite and comfortable French elegance vividly reflected.
The location of the restaurant highlights the French elegance and profound cultural heritage through the designer's design, reflecting the practicality and refinement of cultural elements in home decoration design. In the design, this project strives to create a charm that makes the space play with its long history, giving vitality to the space and also full of cultural interest. There is no lack of emotional appeal of modern society in dignified elegance, and the whole space is elegant and restrained, noble and amiable.
The natural, comfortable, casual sleeping environment, the carpet on the floor especially jumps in this space, the whole space has a bright feeling, the active space or the violent conflict, it is up to your own heart.
The overall room design is based on yellow, pink, green tones, the use of flooring is mainly Shaana beige, color use and home furnishings have been put into a lot of effort, truly reflecting the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration. The European-style interpretation not only shows the symmetry and regularity of the space, but also reflects the delicacy and durability in the details.
In the design of the appropriate use of some Chinese culture and imported decorative objects, high-end and exquisite materials to express some details of the treatment, reflecting a modern life concept, through the extraction of the essence elements of traditional home and life symbols process reasonable matching, layout, in the overall home design has both the traditional charm of Chinese home and more in line with the characteristics of modern people's life.
Although life cannot completely avoid the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, the happiness of tea people is that they can repair the fence and plant chrysanthemums in their hearts, things in the world always change, coarse tea or light rice, give yourself a quiet tea space, and calm the years of this life.

Designer:Fu xia