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Located at the intersection of Jinbao Street and Jingyu Hutong in Beijing’s Dongcheng District, the project inherits the mark of 600 years of Chinese civilization and collects the essence of the city’s political heavyweights, economy, and culture.
The tranquil and secluded atmosphere overwhelms people at the entry, and its gentleness and simplicity dwarf the bustling of the outside world, standing out from the outside world by its unique style. The visual effect of grayish color is formed through flexible complementary and descending pure colors, further strengthening the simple atmosphere in the space and setting light and quiet tone for the space. The lighting without main lights also is seen everywhere, giving the space a sense of hierarchy with delicate contrast of light and dark, inspiring the owners to associate with a quiet life and bringing a warm visual expression at the same time.
The public area of the project adopts an open design to seamlessly connect the living room with the western kitchen, playing down the living space and rendering it good permeability with the clever leaving blank design, providing the owner with a highly free space to relax and chat. The soft configuration maintains a uniform style with the overall spatial planning. By simplifying the space and using artistic techniques to ensure the owner’s living needs are met, the visual focus is on simple furniture, reflecting a sense of simple design and creating an ethereal, harmonious aesthetic. Also, the stone elements and green plants combine with the natural texture of the wooden furniture and flooring, bring a natural and original feeling. The floor-to-ceiling windows are equipped with blinds to make the natural light inside more diverse and add fun to the space with richer light and shadow effects.
The design of the private space continues the design concept of the overall space, showing respect for nature. With a highly recognizable design style, it takes full consideration of the quality needs and aesthetic tastes of the residents. The design of master bedroom is inspired by the leaf pattern. A touch of green symbolizes nature and vibrancy, with the low-saturated color palette, making people feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Agency: AELLEN

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