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KAADAS 2022 Exhibition Hall
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Based on the background of the new consumption era, the offline experience of traditional space has more diversified possibilities, and the real link between the brand and the user is connected in series. Through a forward -looking business experience strategy, INDARE SPACE creates a new value display and value experience. It uses intuitive and powerful space language to build vision, so that visitors can perceive the strong brand kernel, convey brand innovation, breakthrough, and explore future attitudes.
INDARE SPACE combines the theme of the "Future · You Come" of "KAADAS"to subvert the traditional solidification form, and create a future vision beyond expected in the real world. Through space as an important medium for real -reach people and generate communication and interaction, smooth user experience, futuristic space aesthetics, once again help "KAADAS" create a brand value experience with a leapfrog.
01 External space presentation
As the basis of the space experience, the visual sense is the basis of the space experience, and INDARE SPACE will re -interpret the diversity of the vision of the future space, and it will break away from the inherent impression. The perception of the future will be opened at the entrance to present the visual experience of the future immersive space from the future.
INDARE SPACE creates a giant holographic 3D device with a height of 6 meters as the biggest highlight of the entrance space. Use the strong segmentation lines of the device screen and the wall to seize the vision of the visitors, bringing a very shocking over -scale space experience. The high -end intelligent life technology atmosphere cleverly flows in space, allowing visitors to fully feel the brand tone through spatial aesthetics.
02 center main push product area
The sight transferred from the entrance device to the central booth, and INDARE SPACE once again overthrew the display rules of traditional offline space, refine the concept of the "time of time", and the connector extended from the intelligent future lifestyle.
Space lines extend from the outside to the inside, and naturally guide the visitors to explore inward, naturally and coherently build the viewer's line, and at the same time give the visitors a strong future space perception.
03 Internal Product Experience Area
As a central product display area,INDARE SPACE gives them the concept of time as the axis to lead the new vision of the future and innovate the space experience.
Located at the front end of the central booth, it is a symbol of ingenuity to build a product. The meaning of the products is born in refining. INDARE SPACE will pursue the "KAADAS" for three -dimensional product innovation and product quality, and it is fully presented to the visitors.
Guided by selling points, the locks and intelligent control equipment are visually displayed, and the intelligent control process of the product is the most intuitively displayed.
In terms of space dimension, the collision between the combination of sharp line elements and hard metal materials convey the brand concept of "KAADAS" -to make life smarter, safe, and efficient.
04 Brand Service Zone
INDARE SPACE is designed with the wall that is gradually tilted inward on both sides. The theme of the imagery "Future · You Come" is like a door to the future of time and space. communicate.
The high -level and minimalist background design reflects the strong and powerful brand image of "KAADAS". It conveys the brand spirit through space and continues to work in the infinite possibility of creating future life for human beings.

Designer: Yang Xin

Yang Xin is a crossover architect, space designer and new media art creator. He is the co-founder of inDare, the CEO of the inDareSpace, and the director of inDare Crossover Think Tank.
During his studies, he won the third prize in the UIA World Association of Architects Student Competition, ranking seventh in the world, and was ranked third in the province for outstanding graduation design by the Civil Engineering Association of Shaanxi Province.
In 2016, he led the design of the Silk Road Tower, a landmark building at the beginning of the Maritime Silk Road (Belt and Road), with a total height of 95m, making it one of the tallest and most unique lighthouses in the world.
In 2018, he joined inDare Special Design and became a co founder. He led the team to grow from a design studio to over 200 creative organizations with professional core technology, international vision, and strong innovation capabilities within 3 years, becoming a unique and cutting-edge innovation aggregation in the field of commercial (space/brand/product) design in China. And become a specialized, refined, and innovative enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, one of the top ten industrial design companies in Shenzhen, and a provincial-level design center in Guangdong Province.
inDare has established and managed a cross-border creative "think tank", gathering creative elites from all sectors of inDare, innovating across borders, empowering business and giving a voice to Chinese design.
In the field of business empowerment, the "Think Tank" has incubated 50+ breakthrough products, spaces and brands. In the field of international academia, the Creative Think Tank has incubated 100+ international awards, including IF Gold Award, red dot best of best, pentawards, G-MARK and IDEA.
We are committed to amplifying the value of design, empowering business and empowering designers, and achieving success for every professional designer.