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The coexistence of natural atmosphere and commercial environment has become a problem for more and more designers to consider nowadays. The outcome can be compatible with both nature and commercial that is designer desired also should be most users hopes. There is no doubt designer become the core key between with users. In regard to the process for combining both sides, it need someone or something act as a balancer to take control. while the behaviour of the compatible process endow among natural atmosphere, commercial environment and users, it is like a stable triangle to be equilibrium state.
The space uses arcs and rounded corners to replace the sharp edges and corners in the old building. The space chooses warm-toned micro-cement as the main expressive material, and extends the material to the ground and walls, so as to obtain a unified and warm space atmosphere. The space introduces as much light as possible, providing employees and visiting guests with an excellent experience. The best and comfortable communication environment.
The public working area its open and create the space where can let users can have a great communication to each other , strengthens the communication and collaboration in the design process, and stimulates different thinking and creativity in the free and open environment.A interesting function in the manager’s room to make it to be a half open and private working and meeting space . By pushing and pulling the partition door closed, it can transform into an independent office, also can become an independent reception meeting and rest area, with spatial form change to make manger's office of three different functional and three different experience.
The space itself embodies the physical properties of microcement, allowing the experience of entering the space to focus on the communication with the material. The interweaving and reorganization of original texture and quiet space. Use color, structure, and light to create an artistic atmosphere that can resonate with people.

Agency:JR Design (Shanghai) LTD.

JR Design (Shanghai) LTD. is an independent design agency, specializing in both commercial (retail, workspace, food & beverage) and residential projects with focus on the Greater Bay Area (GBA).Our customers come from all walks of life, our strength in the retail sector, and extensive cooperation with mainstream fashion companies. Our excellent industry background and good design reputation have attracted customers from all over the country, including the Pearl River Delta region, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Shanghai and other parts of the country, and the scope covers a variety of different types of design.