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Jingan 50-Chinese restaurant
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This project is the overall interior restaurant design. Project name: [Jingan 50] Chinese restaurant, with a total construction area of 660 square meters,



Main creators of the design: LV Haiqi and Wang Zhuo; design team: Cheng Yao, Li Yongkang, Liu Qing and Zhang Jing; design unit: Shanghai Baixiang Architectural Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd.; main materials: gold brick, wood veneer, rock plate, glass and fabric hard package; geographical location: No. 60, Yuyuan East Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (single storey two-story building)

Agency:  Lv Haiqi

LV Haiqi, senior interior architect, once served as the director of the scheme Institute of Shanghai architectural decoration environment design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., the director and deputy chief engineer of the third decoration Institute of CSCEC Shanghai Design and Research Institute. Founder / principal of Shanghai Baixiang Architectural Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd. has been engaged in interior design and decoration engineering for a long time since graduating from university in 2001. Organize and complete the design of many complex engineering projects. The project involves public buildings, commercial buildings, star hotels, boutique houses and other aspects. His works have won various awards in the national interior design competition for many times, and have been selected into relevant design series for many times.