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Jing Hua Lou
Designer / Agency
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Jinghualou is a top-notch Beijing restaurant located on the central axis of Beijing, the ancient capital of China's Five Dynasties. Now it is managed by the heirs of the old imperial kitchen, and it is the masterpiece of Beijing cuisine brewed by Jingweizhai Catering Group with the experiences of more than 30 years of 20+ -restaurant daily operations. The chief designer, who was from the 4th generation of the most prestigious aristocratic family in Beijing, combined the royal context of the Forbidden City and the elegance of Western culture and successfully drew a picture of ukiyo-e of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China through a magnificent art of interior design.
Zhouxuan, the most famous singer in the Republic of China, sang a song to best describe a happy experience of having a drink at Jinghualou, “The moon shines brightly in the sky as the clouds are gone. We are here with each other to drink the wine, until we drink to our heart’s content.”
During the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the country finally opened its doors to the world, and Western culture poured in. The cultures from the East and the West, the South and the North, started to blend with each other. With the drastic changes in history, the royal court had also stepped out of the high red wall and started immersing in other cultures.
Let’s take a tour of Jinghualou! Like the traditional restaurants outside crowded Qianmen, Jinghualou has the breathtaking blue walls and green tiles, which can be seen through bright glass screens. Passing through the entrance you can go up the stairs on both sides, and reach the main hall on the 2nd floor. The glittering crystal lamps shine upon the golden antique screen with Ink Colored Pine Forest and light up the entire reception. The pavillions and gardens surrounding it give out a noble touch of an aristocratic lifestyle.
Behind the golden screen is the greeting hall with two-crane on both sides listening to a spring. Right in the middle is the Taihu Lake Stone welcoming guests from all parts of the world. In the subtle gradations of light and shadow, you can sip a little by the stone or have a bite next to the bonsai. Guests can enjoy the exquisite plating of royal dish, and every one of them share the equal distance from the Stone, so they are equally taken as the guests of honor.
By passing by the garden bonsai, you can find a totally different world and enter the most auspicious place, the compartments. Each compartment has its own courtyard. You can walk along the axis pathway of three yards and finally enter the main courtyard. This is a design based on the old aristocratic house. You can take a rest or have a tea break at the courtyard. The openable screen between the compartments and the accordion door at each entry provide the privacies and honors you need. Well, let's toast for the peace, harmony, love, and also for our stunning beautiful Jinghualou.

Designer:Xu Tong