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This project is located in Qingpu District, Shanghai, and it integrates an exhibition hall, clubhouse, and office spaces. It covers an area of approximately 630 square meters, with a total floor height of 4.4 meters. The design includes both exterior facade and interior design. The main facade of the studio adopts a matte black aluminum panel curtain wall, complemented by full glass with narrow frames, attracting people to enter. As soon as one steps into the space, the noise retreats, and a sense of tranquility takes over. The entire space is dominated by natural wood tones, with a combination of virtual and real elements, creating various possibilities for interaction and repetition in the space. The large white areas provide breathing space, allowing ample room for display, and serve as a background to create proportion and aesthetics in conjunction with the products. The space adopts a circular circulation line, allowing people to walk through the space to the fullest extent. Breaks, interactions, and exchanges are interspersed within the circulation line and landscape, creating a change of scenery with every step and encountering beauty in between walks. In terms of materials, emphasis is placed on the natural characteristics, utilizing the characteristics of ordinary materials to the fullest extent. Simple cement paint, warm wood veneer panels, and natural white coatings.

Designer: VIVI

American IAAPC registered international interior designer. Master of Interior Space Design. Graduated from the interior design department of Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Successively studied under architect Massimo Duroni and interior architecture Ph.D. Luca Scacchetti, and passed the hotel design program of the University of California, Los Angeles Visiting professor at the Department of Environmental Art, Tsinghua University. Currently, an American IAAPC registered international interior designer. Master of Interior Space Design. Partner at VHA Design Research Institute, United States. Principal of Sento International (STID Group), a design company in China and the United States. Professional qualifications, lectures, and honors: Appointed as a director by CEDA (China Environmental Art Design Alliance) in 2012. Named as the Most Innovative Person of the Year in 2013. Received the Influential Top Ten Gold Medal Designer in China in 2017. Won the Most Influential Institution award at the China Decoration Design Awards (CBDA Design Awards) in 2018. Received the National Leading Figure award at the China International Building Decoration and Design Art Expo - Huading Awards in 2019.