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In Jiande, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, a dive club project called "Randall C40+" is emerging as not only a building, but also a kind of urban memory, a regeneration of a calcium carbonate factory, a collision of old and new cultures, and a miracle of waves surging through the mountains. Blending old and new, recreating urban memories, the unique feature of the "Randall C40+" project is that it preserves part of the original calcium carbonate factory's vertical kiln, skilfully integrating the old building with modern design. In the context of urban regeneration, one kiln has been preserved, and the ruins of three kilns bear witness to the changes in the city. In the design of the building, we adopted the red brick texture to preserve the old building's appearance, while introducing modern elements to create a trendy façade. The fusion of the old and the new gives "Randall C40+" both historical depth and modern vigour.

Agency:JUND Architects

JUND Architects entered Chinese market in 1997and was formally incorporated in Shanghai in 2005. The companyofficially renamed as Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd. in 2017. Headquartered in Shanghai, JUND leavesits footprints across China (so far, it has established branches in Beijing,Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hefei, Hangzhou and Chengdu), and the projects JUND has served can befound in all major provinces and cities in China.
As a leading brand in China’s design field, JUND upholds the concept of "design for the people", and actively exploresthe barriers of the industry while conceptually building the concept of preposedoperation to guide our design services: we carry out the front-end R&Dplanning first to optimize the complex services integrating four major fieldsplanning,architecture, interior and landscape; then feed reversely with back-endoperation data. With multi-disciplinary collaboration and deep integration, weestablish a system of consulting services matrix centering "design"to extend the stickiness with "people". We offer a full stack ofintegrated services from planning, positioning to design and implementation,and up to the operation. Our efficient and high-quality comprehensive solutionsfully satisfy the needs of the entire industry and help our strategic partnersachieve innovation and sustainable development