Jelly’s Fitness
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The store of this project is the third store we have collaborated with Jelly’s. Since its establishment in 2019, the repeated impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic entity has been accompanied by the growth of this young brand. Fortunately, they are still there and getting better and better. Sunshine and happiness will spread. Especially in this gray age, we need people around us to bring us some different things. Jelly's seems to be such a group of people who bring joy and sweetness to the city!

Design Strategy

From the very beginning, we set the brand identities of Jelly’s as “Friendly, Happy and Comfortable”. This time, we confirm the theme strategy of “Color and Box, Information and Connection” in the design to transform it effectively and apply it in the space system.

Color and Box

The orange of this brand has always been very recognizable and emotional, so we keep this color in the design. We also add sliver gray and black to form the main tone of the space and identify three multi-function rooms by three main colors. In terms of spatial form, we intersperse the space with a number of “boxes” of different colors to construct an independent and interlaced spatial structure.

Information and Connection

We make use of the two functions of text and graphics, one is the function of information description, and the other is the function of graphic expression, so as to establish a set of brand visual systems integrating functions and images. As a carrier, we built a set of decorative components merging the visual guidance system and goods shelf display system, which has become an important part of the space decoration form.

Space Presentation

We divide the space into four modules, namely, the bar counter module, goods shelf module, washroom module and multi-function room module. The space integrates all functions into these four modules.

Agency: Quanting innoLab

Quanting InnoLab has provided forward-looking insights, forecasts, and suggestions on the commercial consumption space. It excels at coordinating and integrating multiple aspects such as business trends, strategic insight, scenario creation, and surprise experience; By sustainably operating the relationship among brand, space, and consumers, Quanting InnoLab is committed to improving the commercial value of our clients.
Founded by Han Jian and Shi Yingzhe in Beijing in 2015, Quanting InnoLab is composed of outstanding designers from various fields, such as business research and analysis, brand visual communication, space experience shaping, and interactive devices and materials research. It is a cutting-edge design team made up of young interdisciplinary designers. As one of the most creative design teams in China, Quanting InnoLab focuses on providing innovative and comprehensive design solutions for social and professional customers.
Quanting InnoLab is devoted to the innovative design of the brand, space, and vision. Taking the space terminal as the core, we have realized the transformation of concept and value through the strategic scene design method. By using design to stimulate more possibilities of space, we have completed "space innovation experiments" again and again, promoted the development of [experiential consumption scenarios], and reshaped the unique gene and trend of the brand. Its unique works with high impact, atmosphere, and drama have also won authoritative recognition worldwide and a series of international and domestic top design awards.
Quanting InnoLab is a knowledge innovation company that allows design thinking to drive business strategies.