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Internal decoration of office building
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This case is a wooden factory, mainly engaged in the production of wooden doors, floors, wainscoting. Because the office decoration time is too long, and the business needs to be expanded, the male owner personally likes the Chinese style very much, but does not want to make this office decent, so I also gave the suggestion after the owner's communication to design with the design concept of the clubhouse. Considering that classical Chinese style is too dull, the public area is expressed in the new Chinese style, and the design concept is light decoration and heavy decoration. Another reason for choosing Chinese style is that some of the original furniture of the owner is itself Chinese.

Designer:Arvin wang

Graduated from Changchun Institute of Arts and Crafts in 2002, and pursued further studies in the Department of Architecture at Tsinghua University in 2015. Established Chengxin Shujing Design Studio in 2017. Engaged in design work for 21 years. Proficient in design styles, Chinese, modern, and French.